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Before my eyes, a white cottage house surrounded by freshly planted roses. An image of modern country living set back in the mountains with a cold winter landscape that barely hinted at the paradise awaiting us inside. The land of the Cree, the graveyard of ghosts, a Canadian forest of mystical dreams. I walked up to the miniature imitation...

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Here's my story and what i remember,back in 1994(i have no memory of this,but was told by **** and was in the paper.I was walking home one night from a bar,in a snowstorm walking on the side of the highway same direction as traffic mind you,i was found laying unconscious next to a trucks outside mirror full of my blood and my head was split open.I lived in a village where the hospital was'nt equiped for trauma's.It was snowing too bad to...

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The Storm

The sky grew dark as I approached you standing there on the balcony overlooking the field. The wind blew hard in several directions, which made the field of grain look like it was dancing something wild. I gently placed my hands on your shoulders and I could feel how tense you were. The incoming storm would be a severe one, we could smell the cold wet air changing rapidly. I offered to take you inside and you agreed. Once inside I could tell the storm was rattling...

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