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Fun and "Steamy Times" are Fine --- and Friendship adds a level of trust that enriches the fun and heat --- AND what I am really looking for --- bottom line ---no pun intended --- is a long term relatonship with a fun, steamy, woman who is educated for a profressison, nursing? teaching? fashion? finance? ---writing ---writing partners?

Whatever you offer and brng to the table it is...

Apr 5, 14 7:38 PM | Comments (0)

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I just bought my first **** and I'm so excited to try it out on ****

I think I'm gonna buy an open-crotch body stocking too )

Sep 8, 12 6:05 PM | Comments (3)


I've found most of these sites to be extremely lame, and some are nothing but women who do nothing but work every man that joins just to take their money. That is why I am just a bit gun shy about even posting here. I hope this website isn't just a bunch of woman that are too stuckup on money to enjoy what great **** can be like. If it is then this man will say seeya and go back to **** once a week by hitting the local bars and once a week with my current FWB. I enjoy **** but I'm...

Jul 8, 11 6:01 AM | Comments (1)


Am here to have ****  if any girls want it in the **** but lets just keep that am really here to find my true love. so if theres any ladys out there willing to be with me you know where too look .


May 5, 11 3:35 PM | Comments (0)


Getting two tatts on monday, one on my arm, one or two on my shoulders, maybe jsut one for now. Ill post pics when done


Apr 3, 11 4:23 AM | Comments (0)


HOW DO I FEEL 2~DAY?? Well not like I thought I would..I'm not depressed or sad or disapointed.....I had a 21 year old flirting with me last night..I have a 19 year old trying to connect with me !!  My EGO is like HUGE right now I've had sooooo many people telling me all these WONDERFUL things !! Like:"When I look into your eyes I see HEAVEN" or "What a SEXXI DEVIL she is" or "You are...

Dec 31, 10 7:35 AM | Comments (3)


Well i really cant upgrade my subscription for this thing cause money is tight right i know...but i know there are TONS of beautiful and fun girls out there! I'd love to meet you all and get to know you! Please dont be shy! i wont bite

Nov 3, 10 11:29 PM | Comments (0)

Tags: naughty, hot, ****

We met one night, riveted. 

I wound up more than she'd expected. 

Intense, romantic, unflappable and confident.  Our eyes riveted. 

She kept explaining herself to me, laughed, knowing there was no need.  Her girlfriend had seduced me previously on her way to other tantric journeys.  She...

Jul 25, 10 8:53 AM | Comments (0)


After chatting and talking for some period of time, I tell you I am going to be in Las Vegas in a couple weeks and invite you to come visit me there.  I have a suite and tell you I will be all alone and would love to have your company if you would be interested and can get time off and...

Nov 22, 09 6:03 PM | Comments (1)

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  I am going to come see you at your house today.. You live on a private beach... What should i wear....  I know and you are gonna drool when u see me in it...............   Getting dressed was easy since there was not to much to it.. I get in my car and drive to your house.....

Nov 22, 09 12:28 AM | Comments (3)

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