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ok. So my 19 year old co-worker wants to **** me. Mind you he is good looking and all. But i will be 27 on monday the 29th. What should i do? Should i take him up on his offer? He claims he could teach me a thing or two. Lol! I bet i would be doing all the teaching. what do all of you think? Advice please. Mind you i don't **** that often. Hehe!

Jun 25, 09 7:24 PM | Comments (8)

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The Storm

The sky grew dark as I approached you standing there on the balcony overlooking the field. The wind blew hard in several directions, which made the field of grain look like it was dancing something wild. I gently placed my hands on your shoulders and I could feel how tense you were. The incoming storm would be a severe one, we could smell the cold wet air changing rapidly. I offered to take you inside and you agreed. Once inside I could tell the storm was rattling...

Jun 16, 09 1:36 PM | Comments (1)

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got **** last night. He came over. I took off my wk clothes before he got to my house. I put on skimpy clothes. He kissed me and reached down and squeezed my ****. We went upstaits. He ate my yummy **** for days. I came in his mouth. Felt so good. I put his **** in my mouth and went to town for quite awhile. Then i spread open my legs so he could see my wet ****. I told him to put it in and hard. My **** is a tight one so he came pretty quickly. His **** tasted so good. So glad he ate my...

Jun 7, 09 8:54 PM | Comments (5)


Finally got ****. but alas it was only a quickie. We **** for 15. min. he came then he put his clothes back on and left. Damn I forgot how big his **** is! He is still the best lover I have ever had. Last week he came over and I gave him head. he exploded all over my face. I loved it. His **** always tastes so good. We are going to try to meet up on thursday so that I can finally get off. He has gotten off twice now. So thurs. is my turn. Oh can't wait for him to taste my yummy juices...

Jun 2, 09 11:51 PM | Comments (13)

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ok. So im hungover at work. Ran into my **** fiance last night. God **** was amazing when we were together. He looked good. My friends got me drunk. I was so drunk and **** that i was hitting on my guy friends. Still did not get any. If i dont get my wet **** ****, fucke and fingered soon im going to go crazy. Any takers? Man or women...

May 31, 09 12:48 AM | Comments (6)

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Talking with some people online i've found that Christians seem to get **** as often as non-Christians. My question is: Should they act upon those feelings and sleep around if they're feeling like they need to ****?

May 27, 09 10:00 PM | Comments (3)

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So i went to a wedding yesterday. Was hoping on ****. But alas it did not happen. I need **** so bad. Im a straight woman. But i saw a beautiful woman there. I wanted to **** her **** and kiss her so f***ing bad! She had nice **** too. Damn if i were to ever have a lesbian experience i would want it to be with her. She was gorgeous! Then i ran into a guy i had a one night stand with 6 years ago. I was so ****. He is still hot as hell. Wanted him to take me in the back room and...

May 25, 09 10:01 PM | Comments (7)

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so here i am at wk. **** as all hell. My **** is wet. I just thought of a **** i had years ago with two straight males. Got me thinking. I have never had one with another woman. I haave never kissed or done anything **** with another woman. But im hard to get to ****. I figure another woman could do it. So if there are any couples male and female or female and female who want to talk let me know. I do love **** so straight too please contact. Damn i want my **** **** and ****!

May 21, 09 7:37 PM | Comments (9)


I like to write Erotica so let me know if I am off to a good start.  Mail me to hear more of the story as I finish it. 

The Business Meeting

Chapter 1

It was a hot sultry late morning as I entered the building and headed to the seventh floor for my business appointment. As I got off the elevator, I stood there for a moment in awe as all sounds faded away and I focused on you sitting behind the desk. I took a step off the...

Mar 30, 09 10:29 PM | Comments (2)

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