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I enjoy being **** at certian times when it is risky and some what safe.  At times I just love to walk in the hills and mountians totally **** with a rageing hard on.  The naughty feeling with my **** all hard, out in the open is very exciting.  Having a beautiful woman to follow hikeing up trails and staring at the **** and that lovely **** frome behind is a total turn on. ....  Any one agree with me?

Mar 25, 11 4:03 AM | Comments (1)



Ask yourself why are you on Be Naughty? For me its all about having a relationship where **** is a very important and meaningful part of the relationship. I love the feel and look of a womans body and I love to have **** and make love. I like to do other things but at the end of the day I expect to please and be pleased. I have been in many relationships and in the long run the **** was lacking because we got busy living life and sometimes it sort of went by the way...

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I have been single and divorced for 4 years now and have met with lonliness quite a few times to the point of sitting and crying. Yeah, sure I have a **** weight on me now because of a medical problem which took surgery to fix, but now with doctor clearance to go back to being active, I am going to take full advantage of it. I am a big bones and large framed female but I have a big heart for others. I have been working at a new job for almost 6 months now that has awakened a side of me...

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ugh!!!   i hate this day ...14th of feb.   is there any other day in the year that makes you feel more alone....i need someone in my life i can send flowers to some one that i can surprise with chocolates or take to **** and at the end of the day make love to till we fall asleep in each others so tired of being alone lol even my thing on y mesenger only has 7 people for me to chat with and most of them are...

Feb 14, 11 5:41 PM | Comments (1)


First Night for the newly married **** with a **** phobia   The first night for a newly wed couple. The bride was still a **** because she has a **** phobia, especially large ones, and she's heard about black men and how they are well hung. To make his white bride feel at ease, the black groom said to her, "OK, I am going to go outside and slowly show you my **** through the door. Stay calm, there is nothing to be afraid...

Feb 13, 11 8:01 PM | Comments (1)


Hard to express lengthy in English. I always find myself writing sharp and to the point as English had been always my working language and have to make sure I am clear and to the point. So here it goes...

Had a temporary boss, not anymore, was for 2 months until the new VP arrived. So much **** tension that is exhilarating. Nothing happened and I have this rule...

Feb 6, 11 6:11 AM | Comments (3)

"Pleasurable slumber..."   Written by YOURS TRULY!

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The platform was filled with people saying goodbye to their **** and friends. The air filled with the steam from the engine, the smells of coal, the sweat of the engineer and driver, and the flowery smells of the first class passengers as they were lead by their personal valets to the front carriages. The front carriages was a tradition going back to the beginning of train travel, where the more influential sat close to the engine so as not to get covered in soot....

Jan 19, 11 2:14 AM | Comments (1)



It didn't take long to check in, and a houseboy lead us through the resort along pathways surrounded by fragrant, beautiful flowers with glorious views of the white sand beach.  In a few moments we had been led to a Spanish style cottage, with a small courtyard, large terrace and French doors leading into the living area.  On two walls were windows which opened to the terrace and to the...

Jan 16, 11 2:21 AM | Comments (1)


Funny I have kind of always wondered how to utilize such a creature. Here it is to run a dialogue of my now seemingly interesting life. From nothing to something, which could be bad, good or indifferent? Best of luck to me.

Jan 14, 11 11:55 PM | Comments (0)

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