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There is a wealth of women I would love to know, as friends, or even more. Unfortunately, I won't **** for subscription, so I'm kind of screwed...or not, however you look at it. Nonetheless, as difficult as it may be, I sincerely believe I'm worth knowing, and I would like it if you ladies tried to get a hold of me if you can and want to.

Aug 17, 11 3:10 AM | Comments (0)

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Hey ladies in Middle Georgia. I am sittin alone tonight. Everyone is out of the house and they won't be back until the early morning. I would love to come see you or you come see me and we can do whatever comes to mind. No cams please.

Aug 5, 11 1:36 AM | Comments (0)


Looking for a hookup in Cedar Park TX? Then send a message to cardshrk31 on **** or ****. Discreet fun, casual encounter, **** or if we hit it off maybe we can make our meetings a regular thing. I would love to have a partner in crime.

Jul 10, 11 6:12 AM | Comments (0)


If people would take the time to read a profile before they hit the wink button or message button they might figure out that I cant read the emails they are sending.... put the #'s together and message my phone!! Don't be shy!! I don't bite.... much!!

Jul 10, 11 2:50 AM | Comments (0)


I've found most of these sites to be extremely lame, and some are nothing but women who do nothing but work every man that joins just to take their money. That is why I am just a bit gun shy about even posting here. I hope this website isn't just a bunch of woman that are too stuckup on money to enjoy what great **** can be like. If it is then this man will say seeya and go back to **** once a week by hitting the local bars and once a week with my current FWB. I enjoy **** but I'm...

Jul 8, 11 6:01 AM | Comments (1)


You would think with all the time that I spend writing, I'd be able to come up with something interesting to put in here. lol. But here I sit. Blank screen in front of me. With aparently nothing to say.

I have been wondering something though... I am a big girl, and thus I have a big chest... I also have interests and experience in ****, both as a top and bottom. Why do these two things seem to shout out to men...

Jul 1, 11 12:50 AM | Comments (1)


Im getting out of this freaking place .... 3 days and is over. .... the countdown just started ....   wanna be part of this reality countdown ... tell me what we can do in this 3 days and I'll be there making it happen. (No same gender games !!! ) Remember up for anything this 3 days , no matter looks , styles , age (disease free women only). **** discreet but the story will be wrote for the public interest! (without any personal info duhhhhh) ..... lets this party started !!!!

Jun 19, 11 10:16 PM | Comments (1)


Am here to have ****  if any girls want it in the **** but lets just keep that am really here to find my true love. so if theres any ladys out there willing to be with me you know where too look .


May 5, 11 3:35 PM | Comments (0)

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You smile as your thoughts turn to one of the girls at your school - Sally Green. She is a lovely young girl of 18, with light brown hair and brown eyes. You reckon her beautiful **** are probably a C cup. In your daydream you meet up with Sally in your classroom. 


"I'd really like it if a guy **** me up the ****," she smiles...

Apr 6, 11 5:56 AM | Comments (3)


My girlfriend Jordyn is craving ****. I don't blame anyone for not being bisexual but those folks who come to a site named Be Naughty looking for their soul mate  really make me wanna mash their potatoes.

It's 4:30 a.m. and I would just ask one thing:  Every non-hideous, bisexual female in the **** Angeles...

Mar 25, 11 11:37 AM | Comments (1)

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