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I just bought my first **** and I'm so excited to try it out on ****

I think I'm gonna buy an open-crotch body stocking too )

Sep 8, 12 6:05 PM | Comments (3)


If you are a teenager and need some big **** to ****, **** or at least for some foreplay... hit me up! There was this one  teenager that was going to meet me but things prevented for her coming to me. Have secretly never had **** with a teenager. I don't care what you look like... the thought of having **** with a teenager sounds FUN! Even if you want your first time I am down.

Aug 26, 12 1:03 AM | Comments (0)

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Jul 16, 12 3:41 AM | Comments (0)

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Unfortunately, being a "standard" member I cannot do crap on here. I would love to meet a curious girl for talk, or more... Im a nice guy, but obviously thats not too important to the girls I have been with. I loved them deeply but got burned. I am who I am. very open minded willing to try new things as well as the usual stuff! hope to hear from you soon.  -Brian

Jun 11, 12 10:32 PM | Comments (1)


Oh, this is fiance' forbade me to try to hook up with random girls I meet on dating websites but I can't stop myself! I'm not an addict or anything to dating websites (just internet ****)! I think the reason I keep doing this is I am a bad person. I really am! I try to be sneaky, I lie more than I tell the truth, I don't manage my diabetes at all, I still live with my parents, I don't have a job, I don't plan on getting one...I'm really a waste of the earth's resources! But will I...

May 19, 12 4:06 AM | Comments (1)


Before my eyes, a white cottage house surrounded by freshly planted roses. An image of modern country living set back in the mountains with a cold winter landscape that barely hinted at the paradise awaiting us inside. The land of the Cree, the graveyard of ghosts, a Canadian forest of mystical dreams. I walked up to the miniature imitation...

May 9, 12 4:05 AM | Comments (0)

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Adopt 7 Things in Life1.No one is incharge of your Happiness Except You2 What others People think of you is none of your Business3. However good or bad a situation is. It will change.4. Your job Won't take care of you when you are sick. Your Friends Will Stay in Touch.5. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up & Show up6. Life is too short to Waste time hating anyone.. Don't hate others7. Don't over do Keep your LimitAlways Stay...

Dec 19, 11 8:20 PM | Comments (0)


It’s always fun to spice up you **** life with some hot role play. I just love to surprise my husband with hot passion with a hot blond bombshell. While he was away on...

Dec 12, 11 7:01 PM | Comments (2)

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Not for sure if anyone on here is real or not and don't want to **** a member fee just for a ****.  I have 117 in my inbox and cant read one of them.

Some one in my area get ahold of me through my normal everyday mail.  I will be watching and will reply right away.  Atleast then I will know this isnt just abunch of computer generated porfiles.


Contact details not allowed...

Nov 27, 11 12:11 AM | Comments (0)


First time blogger here...

What can I say here.. well, im new on the block.. fresh out of a LONG relationship, and looking for some kind of local life.. I work hard all week, and the years of monogamy have left me a **** on the shy side.. Doesnt bode well for my **** or social life.. lol

Not sure what Ill get out of this site, but I figured why not try it out.. We will see.. Would love any advice you VETS could pass on!


Aug 29, 11 5:05 AM | Comments (1)

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