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Hi, I'm not a full member yet, so please contact me via this blog.


May 9, 14 6:19 AM | Comments (0)


not enough real people on here... all too scared to meet, and sit in chat rooms being boring...... its a meeting site... someone meet me!!

Apr 25, 14 5:50 PM | Comments (0)

Tags: ****, slap, ****, mouth, bulge

So sad that your last message self-destructed before I could quite read it all. I must have nodded off and entered my usual dream like state before finishing it.

Odd, because I can clearly recall quite clearly doing my usual antique hunting in and around your part of the world, God knows why, no chance of finding anything earthy and countrified there and calling on you by quite at random – I’m an antique dealer, did I mention that? I love running my hands over treasured...

Feb 16, 14 3:38 PM | Comments (0)

Tags: ****

**** steht ihr Manner da draußen eigentlich zu **** ?

also ich warte auf den richtigen und dann können wir richtig loslegen und mein jungfernhäutchen entfernen und eine schöne familie ****ünden meld dich doch mal bei mir


Dec 13, 13 9:21 PM | Comments (0)


why are these sites run by webcam site girls most people on here just want to have fun get off work text a girl send so.**** naughty pics to eachother go on skype and just have some naughty fun where are those type of people hard to find? real? i think so comment if you think so too check me out or message me even if you wanna have fun or wanna simply ask questions dont be shy im a good person and i understand everyones thoughts thanks

Oct 14, 13 3:42 AM | Comments (0)


I met this woman in Bandra near Bandstand, she was exotic and much older than me. She was around 30's but she looked like she was in her 20's. She drove up next to me and ask if I wanted to take a ride with her and so much was going through my brain. I just froze for a sec and then said no thank you and continued to start...

Oct 1, 13 10:52 AM | Comments (0)


So far i've come across many women in my life and I'm still looking forward to meet many more but the truth is I love women. The first time I saw a **** woman was when I was 6 years old and since then it's almost unrelastic or sometimes unexplainable to tell you how I feel about a woman. I fell in love too but got crushed at the same time. I had a crush on this girl (my first) and she became somene I fell in love with but she did'nt feel the same way at that moment and for me to get it...

Sep 27, 13 8:25 AM | Comments (3)


who r interested in having **** with me??

Aug 27, 13 3:56 AM | Comments (0)


I've been on this site about a half a day now and am getting hornier and more frustrated with each and every message I'm missing from you hot chicks out there. My card gets declined and the bank can't give me any good answers. so here I sit with my **** in my hand wondering what to do.oh I'm might have to shut of the computer and go to see one of my nieghborhood girlfriends. But that is getting so old. Oh how badly...

Jul 11, 13 9:32 PM | Comments (1)

Tags: ****, ****

hello ladies my name is Ronnie i am 26 and a former marine i have neen he alittl over a year and dont really know any one so if there,is  a awsome girl out there that  would like to hang out for some **** fun so iif that sounds like a great time then drop me a line

Jul 9, 13 6:12 PM | Comments (0)

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