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It has been a long day and the sun went down a long time ago. I feel tired and sluggish as I pull on the glass door to the gym knowing that I probably will not get the work out that I want. I walk over to the front desk and apathetically grab a towel which goes **** unnoticed to the sleeping guard behind the counter. He is sleeping and pretty much the only soul inside the gym so far as I can tell. My gym bag is awkwardly over my...

Apr 10, 13 10:56 AM | Comments (0)


I haven't written **** for about 3 years, so leave comments to let me know how this hits you, what your personal preferences are.


You meet me in the locker room after your workout, just like we discussed.  Your tank top and shorts stick to your sweaty skin, your hair is matted.  You pushed yourself hard today, and you’re already wet with the hopes, the expectations, of what I’m going to...

Sep 26, 11 6:45 AM | Comments (1)

I enjoy being **** at certian times when it is risky and some what safe.  At times I just love to walk in the hills and mountians totally **** with a rageing hard on.  The naughty feeling with my **** all hard, out in the open is very exciting.  Having a beautiful woman to follow hikeing up trails and staring at the **** and that lovely **** frome behind is a total turn on. ....  Any one agree with me?

Mar 25, 11 4:03 AM | Comments (1)

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I used to date this girl named kelly she was a straight freak loved to **** every where and I do mean everywhere used to take her riding all I had to do was talk about a ride and shed start getting wet we would get on the bike and the faster i went the hornier she got until Id have to pull over on the side of the rode bend her over my bike and **** her doogy style where ever we were but it was always in public and usaly late afternoon or early evening time...

Jan 18, 11 1:46 AM | Comments (0)

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