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If are out to cheat on your significant other, should you put a picture of yourself out there for all to see?  A risky proposition?  If you've lived in your area a long time, someone who knows you may see your picture, read your profile, and blow (no pun intended) your cover!  Are men more likely to consider this risk than women?  I speculate the dilemna is pretty much 50/50.  I think...

Feb 21, 11 9:07 PM | Comments (0)


i take the time to write my profile to describe what i am and am not looking for then i get a lot of responces from people who don't take the time to read what i put down. if you are expecting to find what you are looking for online then you should really take the time to read what the person your about to send a message to is looking for.there is great excitement when you recieve a new message a wonder about who you are about to embarq on a new...

Jan 30, 11 3:25 PM | Comments (1)


I'm beginning to see the appeal of a site like BeNaughty I've only chatted with a few people all of whom seem very nice,1 of whom I think I've fallen for !!! He knows who he is No nowFOR REAL on a serious note I am enjoying this site & the attention & compliments I've been receiving this last few days....I would like to remind those of you checking me out ~~1st if you DO NOT have a Profile & Photo PLEASE DO NOT WASTE MY TIME OR YOURS just keep looking,~~~I...

Dec 28, 10 6:39 PM | Comments (6)

You know, i'm not sure what to think about this profile thing this site has.

 If you decide to do any changes to your profile then it has to go through some kind of review and then all of a sudden you are blanked out.

Now, i understand the reasoning behind this and all but, if they are carefully screening the profiles then why do I see obviously commercial profiles on this site?...

Nov 26, 10 5:51 PM | Comments (0)


is it just me or is being outgoing not working?  i've sent tons of flirtcasts out, but no response.

what's missing?


Mar 22, 09 5:22 PM | Comments (1)


hello, world.

in case you haven't been brave enough to check out the profile, my name is DL.  i'm a student at KU, majoring in atmospheric sciences (i.****., the weather).  i'm a huge music junkie, a weather nerd who just wants to chase, and fresh off of a nasty breakup (**needle scratches across a record**).


i don't know what else to write here, so i'll just start with a question for ya:  i've been here for 4 months, and only 2 real people have...

Mar 12, 09 1:43 PM | Comments (1)

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