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Hi, I'm not a full member yet, so please contact me via this blog.


May 9, 14 6:19 AM | Comments (0)


Fun and "Steamy Times" are Fine --- and Friendship adds a level of trust that enriches the fun and heat --- AND what I am really looking for --- bottom line ---no pun intended --- is a long term relatonship with a fun, steamy, woman who is educated for a profressison, nursing? teaching? fashion? finance? ---writing ---writing partners?

Whatever you offer and brng to the table it is...

Apr 5, 14 7:38 PM | Comments (0)


I wanted this, my first entry to be brief. Consider this a snapshot of a small sample of the things I love to do.

Our last party was in a town in update NY. The hosts owned a large farm so it was very secluded. The party consisted of about 150 people of all sizes and ages. A field was prepared for all the RVs and tents and it was packed. There was a stabe for the band, a tent for dining and dancing and a gigantic play tent with four beds. What a site, not only were the grounds...

Sep 6, 12 6:35 PM | Comments (0)


If you are a teenager and need some big **** to ****, **** or at least for some foreplay... hit me up! There was this one  teenager that was going to meet me but things prevented for her coming to me. Have secretly never had **** with a teenager. I don't care what you look like... the thought of having **** with a teenager sounds FUN! Even if you want your first time I am down.

Aug 26, 12 1:03 AM | Comments (0)

Tags: ****, ****, ****, ****, silk

You kneel on my bed and reach up to a bar that I've rigged.  I come up behind you and lean against you to bind your wrists to the bar with sillk can feel my hard **** thumping against your ****, my chest against your back.  As soon as your wrists are bound, my hands move to your ****, grasping and fondling.   I pinch your **** hard, making your lips part, making your head roll back, until you whisper "Enough."  I lightly tease the tiny rise of skin...

Sep 26, 11 8:58 PM | Comments (2)


You grip the headboard tighter and arch your back, your thighs shaking as you grind harder pushing my tongue deeper, pushing my head into the pillow.  My hands grip your flexing **** and pull you down.  My hot breath **** on your **** makes you moan and drives you harder and harder.  I move my hands along your back, fingernails scratching.   I grab your shoulders and pull you down only my face hard.  You cry out and lean back, grabing your **** and rubbing your...

Sep 22, 11 5:18 PM | Comments (2)


Morning's always an interesting time, especially when you're just getting to know each other, right?  Morning breath - not so ****.  Morning hair and skin - ultra hot!

It's nice to wake up spooning, my hands cupped around your ****, your **** just lightly pinched between my fingers, my nose in your hair, smelling your natural scent.  Our warm skin touching.  My toes tickling the bottoms of your feet.  Your **** against my crotch.  

My left...

Sep 18, 11 5:15 PM | Comments (1)


Your hips have been shifting for a while now.  Time doesn't matter anymore, you just know that your in the bubble and your body likes it there, your mind swims.

My warm wet tongue teases your **** then dives down into you, **** you slowly all the way back up.  You thighs shake against the stubble on my cheecks and you shift your hips more.  You start to slip towards the top of the bed, away from me, and I wrap my arms around your thighs to hold you to my mouth....

Sep 18, 11 7:35 AM | Comments (2)

Tags: ****, ****, bj, head, ****, slc, ****

Just a **** talented **** polisher who loves to give free **** to white hairy older guys.

It is my pleasure to get down on my knees and swallow your tool deep, **** and **** and **** it deep I try to put your big **** in my throat too. You just lay back or stand and enjoy as I make you moan and groan. When you are ready you thrust deep and hard and fill me up. I am your secret at the great **** place for mail. **** talent  combine all and you get a...

May 20, 11 12:46 AM | No Comments


I walk into the room to find you ****, on your knees at the edge of the bed. You put your face in the pillows as you reach back and spread your ****, giving me a clear view of your **** pink ****. I begin undressing as I approach you. You spread your **** wider, and tell me how badly you want me to **** your ****. As my tongue slowly probes your ****, my fingers lightly rub your ****. I continue to kiss and **** your **** while massaging your **** until I have your **** nice and...

Feb 23, 11 12:19 AM | Comments (3)

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