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Truthfully, it has its high and low points. Like any marriage. In pursuing this, I open myself up to more avenues of vulnerability. As an over-thinker, I'm subject to all kinds of self-induced negativity, never mind that which can be actively thrust upon me by my wife. So, yeah, it may end in tears, or it may just run its course. I asked my wife the other day how long she thought we were going to keep at this. If it was just a phase or if she really thought this was how it...

Mar 5, 11 1:47 AM | Comments (5)


Ok, so I've been away from here for a while, to no ill effect. My mailbox is filling up with tripe but I can't read any of it so it bothers me not at all. If i wanted to **** to get on and get off I'd drive the New **** turnpike.


But the news, the glorious good news. Some folks were interested in the progression of this experiment my wife and I have undergone, the whole open marriage "thing." Well, there have been a couple bumps here and there, but all in all it's a...

Mar 2, 11 1:20 AM | Comments (3)


Hard to express lengthy in English. I always find myself writing sharp and to the point as English had been always my working language and have to make sure I am clear and to the point. So here it goes...

Had a temporary boss, not anymore, was for 2 months until the new VP arrived. So much **** tension that is exhilarating. Nothing happened and I have this rule...

Feb 6, 11 6:11 AM | Comments (3)


As I mentioned before, I'm done with BN because it has proven, at least for my geographic location, to be useless in meeting real people. However, at another site I have had more success at meeting real people, though no success in taking the next steps in the experiment.

With that said, I thought I might share something. In email with a prospective playmate I mentioned, jokingly, that my safeword was "Macaroni". Her response was enthusiastic, "Now we're talking!" and she requested...

Jan 23, 11 7:06 AM | Comments (1)


Boy have I been in the wrong place... I'm sure BN is a great site for people in areas where it has higher usage. For me, though, it just hasn't been the right place. However, a hop and skip over across the way and wow, meeting real people online and several in person meetups are in the works.

We shall see if this arrangement hold water or not.

And of course, there will always be more snow. Have no fear of Spring making its entrance any time soon.

And yet, the birds...

Jan 4, 11 4:48 PM | Comments (2)



There is intelligent life out there! I have proof.

We talked, sparred a bit, generally sniffed eachother out. Compared stories. Appraised. Generally good banter fun. Then, boom, she dropped some images on me and all I can say is...I am feeling the weight of the situation as it applies to my reality.

All states being present so long as they remain unobserved, I feel the wave collapsing. Twinges of excitement, fear (yes, a **** fear), and appreciation for...

Dec 10, 10 4:58 PM | Comments (1)


At some point in life, I discovered that the daily ritual (metro boulot dodo) had buffed all my sharp edges, made them round, smooth, soft, dull, and a bit numb. This was true for most facets, though some have had unexpected renaissance periods, including the relationship between my wife and I. Married 7 years, we have made that unfortunate and predictable journey from the big bang to near heat ****. Our bodies function just as well now as they did back at the start of things,...

Dec 9, 10 10:15 PM | Comments (8)

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