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SO, usually you'd never catch me on one of these sites. I just.. I can't take this **** seriously. LOL Are people REALLY doing this? Better yet - are attractive women really doing this? I doubt it. LMAO I'm an attractive man, so I've been spoiled by the universe and am use to being with attractive women. Maybe its shallow of me to think that the only...

Jan 27, 13 2:49 AM | Comments (1)


First time blogger here...

What can I say here.. well, im new on the block.. fresh out of a LONG relationship, and looking for some kind of local life.. I work hard all week, and the years of monogamy have left me a **** on the shy side.. Doesnt bode well for my **** or social life.. lol

Not sure what Ill get out of this site, but I figured why not try it out.. We will see.. Would love any advice you VETS could pass on!


Aug 29, 11 5:05 AM | Comments (1)


Ah hell, I don't what exactly to write, but what the hell. I have a few thoughts so far, 1 being that this site has a lot of activity, but I tried one breifly yesterday and it had a not of activity, WHICH TURN OUT TO ALL BE FAKES. 2 is it just me or all the women/girls/ladies BEAUTIFUL here... give a guy hope that real women are out there and things I thought were just my needs are shared by a whole lot of people. So with all the attention you first get when you logon to one of these...

Aug 12, 11 6:58 AM | Comments (0)


SO we begin....**** are to ourselves...still young enough to want and need to explore. So many ideas so **** time!

May 23, 11 11:36 PM | Comments (0)


Well i really cant upgrade my subscription for this thing cause money is tight right i know...but i know there are TONS of beautiful and fun girls out there! I'd love to meet you all and get to know you! Please dont be shy! i wont bite

Nov 3, 10 11:29 PM | Comments (0)

Tags: new, ****, me, student

Hi Everyone!  It's a pleasure to meet you all.  So basically, a **** about me and what I'm into.  I'm a 23 year old student majoring in sociology.  I like doing a lot of community work and am into video games and movies.  I'm a **** shy at first, but I think that I open up once I get to know a person.

I'm here on this site looking for multiple things.  My first time(I'm a ****) and if I'm lucky, a girlfriend.  I'm into **** a bit,...

Oct 6, 10 10:10 PM | Comments (0)

Tags: new, guy

    Hello out there. I have never really used any of the sites like this before and I'm not really to sure If actually paying for this would be worth it. I mean there are some aspects that I like and there defanaitly are some beautiful women in my area but it really wouldn't be worth it if they are not paying for the service. any ways I dunno maybe I will **** for a month and see where it goes....

Jul 19, 10 12:34 AM | Comments (0)

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