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why are these sites run by webcam site girls most people on here just want to have fun get off work text a girl send so.**** naughty pics to eachother go on skype and just have some naughty fun where are those type of people hard to find? real? i think so comment if you think so too check me out or message me even if you wanna have fun or wanna simply ask questions dont be shy im a good person and i understand everyones thoughts thanks

Oct 14, 13 3:42 AM | Comments (0)


So far i've come across many women in my life and I'm still looking forward to meet many more but the truth is I love women. The first time I saw a **** woman was when I was 6 years old and since then it's almost unrelastic or sometimes unexplainable to tell you how I feel about a woman. I fell in love too but got crushed at the same time. I had a crush on this girl (my first) and she became somene I fell in love with but she did'nt feel the same way at that moment and for me to get it...

Sep 27, 13 8:25 AM | Comments (3)


Im getting out of this freaking place .... 3 days and is over. .... the countdown just started ....   wanna be part of this reality countdown ... tell me what we can do in this 3 days and I'll be there making it happen. (No same gender games !!! ) Remember up for anything this 3 days , no matter looks , styles , age (disease free women only). **** discreet but the story will be wrote for the public interest! (without any personal info duhhhhh) ..... lets this party started !!!!

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Ask yourself why are you on Be Naughty? For me its all about having a relationship where **** is a very important and meaningful part of the relationship. I love the feel and look of a womans body and I love to have **** and make love. I like to do other things but at the end of the day I expect to please and be pleased. I have been in many relationships and in the long run the **** was lacking because we got busy living life and sometimes it sort of went by the way...

Mar 21, 11 5:19 PM | Comments (0)


Knowing what you want can sometimes be like a **** in a candy store here in BN.  So many to choose from, I like this and I like that.


OMG I just did not see that did I. yes  you will all sorts of things as people are people. it's a matter of how confident are you.

I have talked to many a new commers to the site, having been asked.

I'm being a Lady/Gent . yet why don't I get any replys back?  first off.. you have to remember with...

Jan 17, 11 4:45 PM | Comments (0)


Incredible my first blog after a couple of years here on and off!

If I don't share I feel I will explode!

Who can I share this naughty experiences/thoughts? I am so different in my career in my regular life that the only place I can think of sharing this is here with you guys.

 I am sitting in the hotel...

Oct 29, 10 5:32 AM | Comments (16)

Tags: naughty, hot, ****

We met one night, riveted. 

I wound up more than she'd expected. 

Intense, romantic, unflappable and confident.  Our eyes riveted. 

She kept explaining herself to me, laughed, knowing there was no need.  Her girlfriend had seduced me previously on her way to other tantric journeys.  She...

Jul 25, 10 8:53 AM | Comments (0)


Passionate, ****, hot & **** "djA" style muzic down tempo hip hop reggeatown ska punk tribal fusion! Just "call me" & lets rise the heat & feel the beat... Cheers & namaste! )



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