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See, I am probably the luckiest homosexual in the world, because most of my life revolves around men! I've worked at four gay bars, and have frequented several others. I've done everything that a gay man can do in this world, from being an **** to being a title holding drag queen. Even now in my middle age period, I still manage to be a masseur for men, as well as the writer and director of chapter developement for an organization devoted to the homosexual group scene. And unless a...

Dec 9, 13 9:53 PM | Comments (0)


So far i've come across many women in my life and I'm still looking forward to meet many more but the truth is I love women. The first time I saw a **** woman was when I was 6 years old and since then it's almost unrelastic or sometimes unexplainable to tell you how I feel about a woman. I fell in love too but got crushed at the same time. I had a crush on this girl (my first) and she became somene I fell in love with but she did'nt feel the same way at that moment and for me to get it...

Sep 27, 13 8:25 AM | Comments (3)

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Hi, all u pink things out there. I refuse to go viral and it stinks that all I c is chat this and chat that. Personally though it is inly my opioion " touching and tasting is the only way to get aquainted. live once in a while. Most men are just as fearful of Women as Women are of men.

Jul 16, 11 9:30 PM | Comments (0)

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The most annoying thing about men here is that they just want to jump things to **** without letting the other person feel comfortable.

And when I have already mentioned my preferences in my profile, then why ask me the same thing again in my profile?


Jun 27, 11 7:37 AM | Comments (3)

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so i went out tonite as i always do on friday nights. I went to the local bar that is only 4 blocks way from where i live. Its where all my best friends go. So i was the first one there. Next thing i know, one of me best guy friends walks in. He is in the navy and didnt tell anyone he was in town. Him and i have a **** past since high school. Every time i see him he tells me he wants to marry me. I wanted to kiss him so bad. He told me he was a naughty boy and he needed to be ****. God...

Jun 13, 09 10:45 AM | Comments (0)

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