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Well my previous blog said 'jaded'. Well, that was wrong, people do meet on here, a very **** and fun afternoon, thank you ????, Looking forward to the next time

Feb 7, 14 9:39 PM | Comments (0)

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I've just left a long relationship and so now i want to just have some fun and play around for a while.

What i'd like to happen is meet someone on here, chat for a while and eventually meet up to speak in person, maybe more if you like. I'm not into **** ****, I don't mind talking with people about ****, what i enjoy doing, what turns me on ect, but **** **** it just dosen't appeal to me that much. My main aim is to meet people. Basically what i'm interested in is some good old...

Dec 30, 13 1:06 PM | Comments (0)

Tags: ****, meet, ****

i want to learn all about a good **** and have someone take my **** **** .i am tired of being the only ****.

Dec 13, 13 7:25 PM | Comments (3)


7/19/12 12:56pm going now  gonna be there for a while wearing my shades.

Jul 19, 12 5:56 PM | Comments (0)

Tags: ****, ****, meet, now, ****

well... I just noticed the blog section on here... so let's see who reads this.


here's a question

how far will you go on the first meeting?

meet and greet only... maybe a hug

a hug and maybe a **** fooling around in the car

fooling around a **** and maybe if you're hot enough we'll do it

we'd better be meeting near a bed cause I'm ****

I'm in bed and the door is open... hurry up


any other...

Dec 18, 11 2:40 PM | Comments (1)


As I mentioned before, I'm done with BN because it has proven, at least for my geographic location, to be useless in meeting real people. However, at another site I have had more success at meeting real people, though no success in taking the next steps in the experiment.

With that said, I thought I might share something. In email with a prospective playmate I mentioned, jokingly, that my safeword was "Macaroni". Her response was enthusiastic, "Now we're talking!" and she requested...

Jan 23, 11 7:06 AM | Comments (1)

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