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The platform was filled with people saying goodbye to their **** and friends. The air filled with the steam from the engine, the smells of coal, the sweat of the engineer and driver, and the flowery smells of the first class passengers as they were lead by their personal valets to the front carriages. The front carriages was a tradition going back to the beginning of train travel, where the more influential sat close to the engine so as not to get covered in soot....

Jan 19, 11 2:14 AM | Comments (1)

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How old are you? 19 At what age did you start ****? 13 How many times a week do you ****? almost every day How many times do you **** each time you play? depends

Where do you ****: In bed? sometimes In the shower? yes In the bath? yes Outdoors? no At work? no Every room in the house? mine only In a car while traveling... ? no

What do you fantasize about when you play: A significant...

Dec 23, 10 11:34 PM | Comments (2)


Incredible my first blog after a couple of years here on and off!

If I don't share I feel I will explode!

Who can I share this naughty experiences/thoughts? I am so different in my career in my regular life that the only place I can think of sharing this is here with you guys.

 I am sitting in the hotel...

Oct 29, 10 5:32 AM | Comments (16)

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My wife is in a funk, and we haven't had **** in over 10 days.  I'm so incredibly **** that I can't stand it.  If something doesn't break soon in our relationship, I'm going to have to find a mistress on BN. 

I'm on a business trip this week, so I'm all alone in a Sheraton hotel room.  I've been thinking about the comments on my previous **** blog, especially the ones from ladies who like to watch their contractions and ****.  I climbed up...

Oct 14, 09 1:46 AM | Comments (3)

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