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An odd question for a first entry, but I have to wonder. I married young - driven mainly by emotion. At first everything was great. We were "in love". We were never great communicators, didn't have a lot in common. But hey, love conquers all, right? It only took 3 years before my ****-wife had the guts to do the right thing and walk out because we were both miserable. The divorce ****-sided me at the time, but it was the right thing.

Six years passed before I felt I was ready to...

Apr 27, 13 11:34 PM | Comments (1)


Is it Just me or doese it seem really unfair at times,

Something pretty messed up just happened in my life and the wonderful women I call Wife blamed it all on me she has the nerve and gull to say and repeat to me that I m just a Fn Bastard and basically desserve what I get! Life just seems so unfair at times! at times I just can't waite for it to be all over!!

Sep 9, 12 5:52 AM | Comments (1)

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Is it possible? I know most are here for a good time, I'm no different right now!! Ido know several people who have found it, and gotten married, never mind lets just find someone to play with!!!

Nov 1, 11 5:40 PM | Comments (0)


Hi I'm AngelDevil1960 ! Not real sure what it is I need to be saying here other than I'm looking for A VERY SPECIAL TYPE PERSON.. I am NOT looking to get Married(I've done that 4 times!) I am also NOT loking for someone to live with..I want a Comitted Relationship but I also want my own space..So the person I WELCOME into my life is gonna have to be someone I can trust,I should not have to be there 24/7 for you to be faithful to me nor should I have to question you or your...

Dec 27, 10 9:19 PM | Comments (0)


There are many advantages and disadvantages in living together before marriage. Today there are many couples living together before marriage. Sometimes these kinds of relationships "living together before marriage" end up with success and sometimes they are unsuccessful. Some of the advantages of living together before marriage are such as getting to know your partner, learning about one's abilities if he/she can satisfy your expectations and...

Dec 1, 10 5:48 PM | Comments (0)


I am here looking for a **** lady then my age that is interested in longterm relationship and possible marriage.

I am not on here for **** reasons and am not looking for **** models that beg me to join other sites because i joined this site and am a paying member which means i will stay loyal and true to this site as a member.

Please do not contact me if you are from Ghanna,Nigeria or Africa because i am sick and tired of all you **** claiming to live with your...

Nov 1, 10 9:41 AM | Comments (0)

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