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Oh, this is fiance' forbade me to try to hook up with random girls I meet on dating websites but I can't stop myself! I'm not an addict or anything to dating websites (just internet ****)! I think the reason I keep doing this is I am a bad person. I really am! I try to be sneaky, I lie more than I tell the truth, I don't manage my diabetes at all, I still live with my parents, I don't have a job, I don't plan on getting one...I'm really a waste of the earth's resources! But will I...

May 19, 12 4:06 AM | Comments (1)


Why must it be so hard to obtain love? I have enjoyed every part of **** that can be imagined. There hasn't been a position, a **** or an act I can honestly say I would not indulge in again. I have searched for so long but have yet to find a man that can truly make me feel loved for more than a moment. Is Love real? Has anyone really achieved a total sense of mutual love? I am reaching a stage in my life that I can not see that this will be...

Aug 30, 10 10:11 PM | Comments (18)

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I need someone to help relieve some unwanted tension. Can anyone help???

Jul 14, 09 8:30 PM | Comments (0)

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