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First time blogger here...

What can I say here.. well, im new on the block.. fresh out of a LONG relationship, and looking for some kind of local life.. I work hard all week, and the years of monogamy have left me a **** on the shy side.. Doesnt bode well for my **** or social life.. lol

Not sure what Ill get out of this site, but I figured why not try it out.. We will see.. Would love any advice you VETS could pass on!


Aug 29, 11 5:05 AM | Comments (1)


When I was about 12 I realized that women and **** made me feel quivery inside. It was like a crush... I didn't know that it was **** attraction at that time. But by the time I was 14 I really loved girls and wanted so bad to hold and kiss one. I had been **** since I was 10 so I knew what an **** was and I wanted to share it with someone special so they could feel that same satisfying pulsing sensation.

One day my best friend and I were laying on my bed just talking...

Oct 22, 10 4:51 AM | Comments (2)

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Well I was an 18 year old freshman and going to UCLA, when one friday night a buddy of mine and I wanted something to do so we thought that we'd go see an action flick but  nothing good was playing. So we decided to go to Hollywood and saw the big **** at the **** theater on Santa Monica Blvd. and I said let's see an **** film. I was curious and had never seen **** before. We paid our tickets and walked in and found a less crowded area and sat down. My buddy sat a few seats away ...

Oct 16, 08 11:03 PM | Comments (1)

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