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As I mentioned before, I'm done with BN because it has proven, at least for my geographic location, to be useless in meeting real people. However, at another site I have had more success at meeting real people, though no success in taking the next steps in the experiment.

With that said, I thought I might share something. In email with a prospective playmate I mentioned, jokingly, that my safeword was "Macaroni". Her response was enthusiastic, "Now we're talking!" and she requested...

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"Pleasurable slumber..."   Written by YOURS TRULY!

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The platform was filled with people saying goodbye to their **** and friends. The air filled with the steam from the engine, the smells of coal, the sweat of the engineer and driver, and the flowery smells of the first class passengers as they were lead by their personal valets to the front carriages. The front carriages was a tradition going back to the beginning of train travel, where the more influential sat close to the engine so as not to get covered in soot....

Jan 19, 11 2:14 AM | Comments (1)

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Hi my name is Sandra, you all know me as Sandysweets

A lot of people get an account here because they're looking for something, a friend, a relationship or a quick ****. I'm looking for a **** release. I'm 18 and since i can remember i've had these uncontrollable urges, urges that none of my friends seem to have had. I get soo wet thinking about ****, i fantasize about **** it all day long. Every night i touch myself imagining a huge **** stretching out my tight...

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I'ts a rainy moring today, so I don't really feel like getting up today.  I can hear the water dripping onto the patio outside the french doors of my bedroom, and the drops coming from various spots along the patio seem to be keeping a rhythmic beat.  With my eyes closed I listen to the sounds and my breathing slows to sync with the rain drops.....

I remember an old girlfriend and a day similar to this one.  A day neither of us wanted to get up, but instead rolled up...

Dec 22, 10 6:25 PM | Comments (1)


It happened the day before yesterday. I have her phone number, and now I am wondering. Do I call her?

I was in a bar drinking vodka & orange juice when this vivacious woman dressed in leather mini-skirt, kind of looking like a biker chick, surprises me by walking right up to me and sits down on my lap.  She wraps her arms around my neck.  "Hello," she says.  I say hello as I move my arms around her and give her a gentle squeeze.  Hmmm.  She felt...

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plz.. someone let me kno if there are ne real squirters left in dis world???help!!!Q!!

Oct 26, 10 4:48 AM | Comments (1)

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It's winter time and we're up in the mountains in a rustic lodge. We went for a brisk walk through the moonlit forest and came back and lit a fire. We sit beside the fire for a couple of drinks. I then offer to give you a full body **** which you quickly accept. Starting with your neck and shoulders I rub the lotion in feeling the tension just melt away. I then pull your shirt up over your head and throw it to the side. Now I unstrap your bra and watch your beautiful **** fall...

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