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It was ten degrees below zero in Chicago and Kali decided to hibernate. She gathered blankets, coffee, art supplies, her MacBook, and her iPhone, and she settled into her bed. She was not leaving for a while.

After checking her ****-mail, Kali decided to indulge in her guilty pleasure: the online dating site OkCupid. She logged on and checked who had recently visited her page. As she scrolled through the usual list of creepy older...

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I met this woman in Bandra near Bandstand, she was exotic and much older than me. She was around 30's but she looked like she was in her 20's. She drove up next to me and ask if I wanted to take a ride with her and so much was going through my brain. I just froze for a sec and then said no thank you and continued to start...

Oct 1, 13 10:52 AM | Comments (0)

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I have recenly heard various women express fear or anger of being called **** names like "****" "****" etc. by a partner during ****. I believe it is nothing to be angered about, it may have alot to do with the stage of the relationship or the situation. Women who may be **** or are looking for a future husband may still dream of wedding bells, picket fences, and happily ever after. They are more apt to be more "proper" in the bedroom as opposed to a woman in her 40s who has...

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I would like to hear from the women out there on what thier favorite fantasies are and how many have tried them out so far. Do you like public ****, rough ****, role play or just some **** talk let me know and maybe we can fulfill some and come up with some new ones

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Innocence By: Jay Knux   “I’m going to find out. It’s just a name, right? What’s so secret about it?” I turned and went to my closet and threw on my favorite black and silver button up dragon shirt and some blue jeans along with my pair of short shocks and my red and white sneakers had a picture of a card king on one side and what I assumed to be the queen on the other and headed downstairs.   “Good Morning Jay. How are you feeling this...

Oct 14, 11 6:40 AM | Comments (1)


The first couple of patients on the day were prescript refills.  Didn’t get to see or touch anything, but my **** was already hard.  One more patient before April, so I added my comments to the previous charts and set them on the receptionist’s desk to be filed. 

The next lady was about my age.  She seemed somewhat chipper coming in, like this is a regular routine and she’s just the next patient.  After the **** prepped her, I was told...

Jun 12, 11 11:18 PM | Comments (0)


After years of working odd jobs and trying to find my ‘calling in life’, I decided to become a doctor.  I thought that would be the best thing for me.  The money is good.  If I find a small practice, maybe I won’t have to work as hard as hospital doctors.  Plus, the respect and admiration I would get from my **** and peers would be most welcome. 

It took me a long time to decide on what specialty.  I did not want to be a general...

Jun 12, 11 11:07 PM | Comments (1)


I am totally intrigued by a beautiful woman who is sexually insatiable, and would love to intensify and encourage her lustful desires. I would love to watch/participate in threesomes with a "good girl" who wants to be "bad".  I am VERY talented orally and excites me to arouse a woman to the point that she looses ALL inhibitions. I will encourage her secret...

Apr 6, 11 6:10 PM | Comments (0)


These words I write will make you wet and you'll know they're wrote for you you'll want and then you'll need to get the **** you never knew These words will burn and make you yearn and you'll find you even dream you are the one who needs to **** and your need is now extreme I'll be your slave, yet make you beg you're weakness found and mine for this you're made, first time you're **** It's this you'd dreamed to...

Apr 6, 11 6:07 PM | Comments (0)


Hard to express lengthy in English. I always find myself writing sharp and to the point as English had been always my working language and have to make sure I am clear and to the point. So here it goes...

Had a temporary boss, not anymore, was for 2 months until the new VP arrived. So much **** tension that is exhilarating. Nothing happened and I have this rule...

Feb 6, 11 6:11 AM | Comments (3)

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