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It was ten degrees below zero in Chicago and Kali decided to hibernate. She gathered blankets, coffee, art supplies, her MacBook, and her iPhone, and she settled into her bed. She was not leaving for a while.

After checking her ****-mail, Kali decided to indulge in her guilty pleasure: the online dating site OkCupid. She logged on and checked who had recently visited her page. As she scrolled through the usual list of creepy older...

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It happened the day before yesterday. I have her phone number, and now I am wondering. Do I call her?

I was in a bar drinking vodka & orange juice when this vivacious woman dressed in leather mini-skirt, kind of looking like a biker chick, surprises me by walking right up to me and sits down on my lap.  She wraps her arms around my neck.  "Hello," she says.  I say hello as I move my arms around her and give her a gentle squeeze.  Hmmm.  She felt...

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It had been a long night at the **** party. Secret movements of my hands on your thigh under the table and luscious looks into each others eyes only created the want even more. With the first moment of privacy down the back hall I took you in my arms deeply kissed you without warning and it was received with the same intensity. Grasping each other as we worked down the hall your hands grab a door handle and twist it. The room was dark but it was easy to lift you onto...

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Chrissie popped the top on the bottle of Corona by slamming the edge of the cap into the gouged the formica but she hardly gave a **** as she knocked back half the bottle in one long swig. The bottle cap zinged off the tile floor and bounced a couple of times before spinning to a stop. She hated Corona, anyway, why the hell couldn't Charlie drink Bud like a normal...

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