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May 9, 14 6:19 AM | Comments (0)



My head feels fuzzy. It has to be the medication because I've had no alcohol. Having you in front of me is making me crazy. I want you more in this moment than I think ever before. I kneel before you, worshiping you. You are still in your skirt from work. I can feel your smooth leg from your ankles up to the edge of your skirt. Leaning down I kiss your feet through the openings of your shoes. Laying my tongue flat and ensuring that I am kissing...

Jan 25, 11 3:28 AM | Comments (0)


Why is pleasure so difficult to find in someone whom enjoys it for the furthest extent possible. Pleasure should last for hours. I mean foreplay can never be too much, especially with a high arousal point, so where is everyone who wants that, and to experience it, rather than dream it. It is like, not just men, but women as well, have forgotten pleasure, or are weary of its feel, and understand what satisfaction really is. Am i alone on this dilemma, or do...

Jul 21, 10 12:41 PM | Comments (0)

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