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The platform was filled with people saying goodbye to their **** and friends. The air filled with the steam from the engine, the smells of coal, the sweat of the engineer and driver, and the flowery smells of the first class passengers as they were lead by their personal valets to the front carriages. The front carriages was a tradition going back to the beginning of train travel, where the more influential sat close to the engine so as not to get covered in soot....

Jan 19, 11 2:14 AM | Comments (1)

Tags: dream
keep having the same dream. Ive had it for the past two weeks. My dream is that my **** gets eaten out by a very pretty girl and a guy watches and **** her. Then she sits on my face and i eat her out and play with her gorgeous **** while the guy **** my **** hard and fast. I love this dream and ive never even been with another female. Lol! Hope i have it again tonite.

Jun 15, 09 10:48 PM | Comments (6)

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