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Im getting out of this freaking place .... 3 days and is over. .... the countdown just started ....   wanna be part of this reality countdown ... tell me what we can do in this 3 days and I'll be there making it happen. (No same gender games !!! ) Remember up for anything this 3 days , no matter looks , styles , age (disease free women only). **** discreet but the story will be wrote for the public interest! (without any personal info duhhhhh) ..... lets this party started !!!!

Jun 19, 11 10:16 PM | Comments (1)


The first couple of patients on the day were prescript refills.  Didn’t get to see or touch anything, but my **** was already hard.  One more patient before April, so I added my comments to the previous charts and set them on the receptionist’s desk to be filed. 

The next lady was about my age.  She seemed somewhat chipper coming in, like this is a regular routine and she’s just the next patient.  After the **** prepped her, I was told...

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After years of working odd jobs and trying to find my ‘calling in life’, I decided to become a doctor.  I thought that would be the best thing for me.  The money is good.  If I find a small practice, maybe I won’t have to work as hard as hospital doctors.  Plus, the respect and admiration I would get from my **** and peers would be most welcome. 

It took me a long time to decide on what specialty.  I did not want to be a general...

Jun 12, 11 11:07 PM | Comments (1)

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Hi my name is Sandra, you all know me as Sandysweets

A lot of people get an account here because they're looking for something, a friend, a relationship or a quick ****. I'm looking for a **** release. I'm 18 and since i can remember i've had these uncontrollable urges, urges that none of my friends seem to have had. I get soo wet thinking about ****, i fantasize about **** it all day long. Every night i touch myself imagining a huge **** stretching out my tight...

Jan 4, 11 11:55 PM | Comments (10)


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Mar 13, 10 12:29 AM | Comments (3)

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So i went to a wedding yesterday. Was hoping on ****. But alas it did not happen. I need **** so bad. Im a straight woman. But i saw a beautiful woman there. I wanted to **** her **** and kiss her so f***ing bad! She had nice **** too. Damn if i were to ever have a lesbian experience i would want it to be with her. She was gorgeous! Then i ran into a guy i had a one night stand with 6 years ago. I was so ****. He is still hot as hell. Wanted him to take me in the back room and...

May 25, 09 10:01 PM | Comments (7)

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so here i am at wk. **** as all hell. My **** is wet. I just thought of a **** i had years ago with two straight males. Got me thinking. I have never had one with another woman. I haave never kissed or done anything **** with another woman. But im hard to get to ****. I figure another woman could do it. So if there are any couples male and female or female and female who want to talk let me know. I do love **** so straight too please contact. Damn i want my **** **** and ****!

May 21, 09 7:37 PM | Comments (9)

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