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I've just left a long relationship and so now i want to just have some fun and play around for a while.

What i'd like to happen is meet someone on here, chat for a while and eventually meet up to speak in person, maybe more if you like. I'm not into **** ****, I don't mind talking with people about ****, what i enjoy doing, what turns me on ect, but **** **** it just dosen't appeal to me that much. My main aim is to meet people. Basically what i'm interested in is some good old...

Dec 30, 13 1:06 PM | Comments (0)


I've been on this site about a half a day now and am getting hornier and more frustrated with each and every message I'm missing from you hot chicks out there. My card gets declined and the bank can't give me any good answers. so here I sit with my **** in my hand wondering what to do.oh I'm might have to shut of the computer and go to see one of my nieghborhood girlfriends. But that is getting so old. Oh how badly...

Jul 11, 13 9:32 PM | Comments (1)

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shef: hi


Lou: there you are

my first here

for chat

it doesn't flash that you're on

you still with me?

where are you, Shef?

Are you here?

shef: im here

Lou: oh, I couldn't...

May 14, 13 9:54 PM | Comments (2)

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I haven't figured this site out yet...

You can send free Ice Breaker emails to anyone, but unless they are a paying member, they can't read them.  Got that.  stinks, but I get it...

Free members can't text.  Got that too.

Here's what I really want to know...  If the screen name shows on line,...

Dec 14, 10 7:31 PM | Comments (10)



There is intelligent life out there! I have proof.

We talked, sparred a bit, generally sniffed eachother out. Compared stories. Appraised. Generally good banter fun. Then, boom, she dropped some images on me and all I can say is...I am feeling the weight of the situation as it applies to my reality.

All states being present so long as they remain unobserved, I feel the wave collapsing. Twinges of excitement, fear (yes, a **** fear), and appreciation for...

Dec 10, 10 4:58 PM | Comments (1)


Well i really cant upgrade my subscription for this thing cause money is tight right i know...but i know there are TONS of beautiful and fun girls out there! I'd love to meet you all and get to know you! Please dont be shy! i wont bite

Nov 3, 10 11:29 PM | Comments (0)

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Being a free male member is so limiting.. can't even chat with people here if I wanted to. The only actions I can do is check other profiles out, see who has looked me up and send free winks and so on. Obviously getting people my info like my y name is not allowed even though it is the same name as my handle here, but of course I don't think many people notice or get to the point...

Sep 21, 10 8:11 PM | Comments (0)


Woman wanted, all positions, WILL TRAIN  --- good with hands, lips and toys a plus  --- LOL

interested? check out my profile if you believe you qualify, finsup2you

Aug 15, 09 7:36 PM | Comments (1)


well, this is disappointing.

i've been here for months, but no one--NO ONE--has bothered to answer my chats.  so, i'm gonna try this...

my name is DL.  i'm 23 and from lawrence, kansas, US.  i love music, weather, and food, i like travelling, and i don't like being ignored when i try to extend myself, which is a new concept for me because i'm not particularly extroverted.

i'm easily turned on by anything, but i'm trying to find out what really gets me...

Apr 3, 09 2:28 PM | Comments (0)

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