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I am often seen as the big guy that all the **** girls with boyfriend problems come running to for a shoulder to cry on...I guess it is my easygoing nature and having a sister or two. I am a nice guy, but I somehow get the feeling that all the nice guys are still single and the bad boys are riding around on their harleys with the tattoos chugging beer and defying the effects of not **** healthy and working out at the gym. Maybe it is the type of social calendar that I I am a...

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unfortunately, i'm not about to **** for this website, but i do wish i could chat with everyone without having to **** an arm and ****. feel free to email whenever. at least blogging is free...          i dont believe in this theory, paying to socialze when there is a similarity to a social network thats free 

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I've even seen one that was entitled 'My Favorite Blog' in a different language. Is it really that hard to name your blog? Mine's not anything super deep or interesting but at least it's not 'My Favorite Blog'.

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I like to watch **** Guy and in one episode Peter was imagining what his life would be like if he lived in a sitcom, and so My Black Son was born...also he's a ninja. I DO NOT have any ****, black or otherwise, it's just that the default title of this blog was "My favorite Blog". I thought "What's something I can use that's similar to that but also doesn't really apply to me and so makes very **** sense?" Hence, I came up with the title from the memory of a show...

Aug 15, 11 10:52 PM | Comments (0)

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hmm...blogging...I've not had much to say of late. I think that's ok... If I had things to say, I might mention the economic crisis (bad bad bad); the American election coming in three weeks (ugly); **** girls on benaughty (yeah good!); blah-blah-blah. My life is ok... I am quite satisfied with things and if things change for the better or worse, I might blog about it. Or not.

Oct 28, 08 11:56 AM | Comments (0)

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