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unfortunately, i'm not about to **** for this website, but i do wish i could chat with everyone without having to **** an arm and ****. feel free to email whenever. at least blogging is free...          i dont believe in this theory, paying to socialze when there is a similarity to a social network thats free 

Jun 11, 12 8:02 AM | Comments (0)

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Today I was shopping after work at the store...  An older lady fell out of her chair and was not moving!  What amazed me was how many people stopped, looked, and either moved on or just kept staring!!  Only myself and another lady took action to assist this person.. I rushed to her side and called 911 while trying to get her to respond, the other person was holding her hand..  It ended up being a seizure, and she was taken away in the ambulance.

Now, there was...

Aug 30, 11 2:34 AM | Comments (4)


I've even seen one that was entitled 'My Favorite Blog' in a different language. Is it really that hard to name your blog? Mine's not anything super deep or interesting but at least it's not 'My Favorite Blog'.

Aug 16, 11 1:05 AM | Comments (0)


I like to watch **** Guy and in one episode Peter was imagining what his life would be like if he lived in a sitcom, and so My Black Son was born...also he's a ninja. I DO NOT have any ****, black or otherwise, it's just that the default title of this blog was "My favorite Blog". I thought "What's something I can use that's similar to that but also doesn't really apply to me and so makes very **** sense?" Hence, I came up with the title from the memory of a show...

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i take the time to write my profile to describe what i am and am not looking for then i get a lot of responces from people who don't take the time to read what i put down. if you are expecting to find what you are looking for online then you should really take the time to read what the person your about to send a message to is looking for.there is great excitement when you recieve a new message a wonder about who you are about to embarq on a new...

Jan 30, 11 3:25 PM | Comments (1)


After chatting and talking for some period of time, I tell you I am going to be in Las Vegas in a couple weeks and invite you to come visit me there.  I have a suite and tell you I will be all alone and would love to have your company if you would be interested and can get time off and...

Nov 22, 09 6:03 PM | Comments (1)

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  I am going to come see you at your house today.. You live on a private beach... What should i wear....  I know and you are gonna drool when u see me in it...............   Getting dressed was easy since there was not to much to it.. I get in my car and drive to your house.....

Nov 22, 09 12:28 AM | Comments (3)

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