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we are all on here for one thing, I need it more than others so not only do I want to do it more I want to talk about it more!

I have a bf, he's lovely, but he has not made me ****.  why am I still with him? well he's good for me in other ways. I want someone to **** me, no pleasantries, no romance, just a good hard ****.  I like it hard, i like it rough, I like to de dominated and treated like a naughty **** ****.

have my first meeting tonight,...

Feb 9, 14 3:36 PM | Comments (3)

Tags: ****, fantasy, honey, ****

I have recenly heard various women express fear or anger of being called **** names like "****" "****" etc. by a partner during ****. I believe it is nothing to be angered about, it may have alot to do with the stage of the relationship or the situation. Women who may be **** or are looking for a future husband may still dream of wedding bells, picket fences, and happily ever after. They are more apt to be more "proper" in the bedroom as opposed to a woman in her 40s who has...

Feb 13, 13 1:41 PM | Comments (0)

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