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Male, 43

Need your answers!



Hello, everyone!

During the last week our whole team has been working hard to improve our website and make it enjoyable for all the member. We  appreciate all your feedback we have received during this time and we would like to ask you for help again by answering these questions:

Sep 12, 13 4:37 PM | (6)

I know what I like...but I don't know why.

Psychologists tell us that our **** tastes can be formed early in life.  We all know what we like but do we really know where these tastes came from?

One of my biggest turn-ons is female **** hair.  I know exactly where this came from, from my first girlfriend Susanna.  She was beautiful girl, pale skin, luminous blue eyes and a mischievous smile.  All the boys fancied her, but she chose me to explore with in the summer of 1970.  We lived in a village in...


Jul 23, 14 11:12 AM | (0)

in the begining

looking through the forums reasonably late one evening a new face popped up in a chat message. He had only a few minutes before browsed my profile and here he was saying Hi. We chatted for a while all the usual stuff about what we were both looking for and passed the time of evening. Then he said goodnight that he was off to bed as he had to be up early the next day.


Jul 23, 14 12:11 AM | (0)

Pleasing Myself.

We all **** more than we ever have **** with someone else, it's the default form of **** pleasure for most of us, I suspect.  I was just sitting idly stimulating myself yesterday when the thought occurred that most men probably **** in fairly predictable ways. The hand and fingers grip the shaft and rub up and down simulating the movement of penetrative ****, varying stimulation of the head, testicles and so on.  

We have our own variants of course.  I...


Jul 22, 14 11:41 AM | (1)

Ask him for a photo
This member doesn't have a photo, click to ask him to upload a photo

Male, 48


does anyone read the blogs , or go to the forum section on here , seems like a vacant section of this site , its like most on here empty

Jul 21, 14 2:58 PM | (1)

Ask him for a photo
This member doesn't have a photo, click to ask him to upload a photo

Male, 48

free chat,,????

ladies come on here for free, guys **** ,  we keep this site running,and you all want equal rights, so lets boost your ego s by paying for you free loaders, never been so dissapointed with a site, if women had to **** , there wouldnt be any on here,all comments , only costs a fraction of what we have to ****, but ive only seen 1 lady **** so far out of thousands of profiles, un believable,all comments welcome ,good or bad ,thats why im not paying a cent ,, its a one way street ,all down...


Jul 21, 14 2:36 PM | (1)

femeas sumissivas

Estou procurando por vc, vc quer ser dominada ? amarrada ? inserida **** possuida ?

Quer que **** eu uso brinquedos de **** **** vibradores capas ?

Quer que eu uso meus dedos lingua boca **** **** explorando seu corpo ?

Quer gozar em experiencias novas onde vc entrag seu corpo para mim ?


ME procure


Jul 20, 14 11:38 PM | (0)


Male, 32

Sobre eu, eu mesmo Fabiano.

Sou alegre, divertido **** engraçado. Estou solteiro **** era casado por 7 anos, minha **** reclamava que meu pau era grande, a perceguida dela que era grande, **** a marvada reclamava de tudo, até da minha alegria. Agora só quero diversão sem compromisso com casadas, solteiras, de 18 a 50 anos, tem que agüentar o fumo. Xau, até a próxima.






Jul 20, 14 1:09 AM | (0)


Male, 32

Bêbado no ônibus

Um bêbado entrou em um ônibus pela porta de trás **** foi logo gritando: - Hoje eu quero comer um cú ! Todos que estavam no ônibus olharam pra trás. **** o bêbado vendo todos olhando pra ele disse. - Eu falei um só.

   Pessoal, eu sempre estarei postando algo engraçado **** divertido, até a próxima.


Jul 20, 14 12:59 AM | (0)

Privates on Parade?

So I joined BN and got lots of contacts from women.  A lot of the conversations went like this: hello, how are you why are you here and big is your ****?  Not wanting to be seen not entering into the spirit of this, I went away and measured it...length, girth, circumference and duly reported back.  Then came the next question: can I see a picture?  So again, I complied and got lots of favourable comments back and suggestions of what these ladies would like to...


Jul 18, 14 8:48 AM | (8)


Male, 44


 Well been here 2 weeks.Cant say I think much of it so far but its early days, I reckon you need a month just to get the hang of it.More for **** ppl I think.lots of profiles say no men over 40 even from older women, i wonder why that is?.i thought men came into thier prime in thier 40s.

Its pretty cool as a chat medium if you just like chatting **** or if your into doing ****, but as for actually meeting people this is not really the place.If your after skin to...


Jul 17, 14 1:11 AM | (0)

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