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I enterd Naughty, my hope were high, would this be the spot, is this where all the good **** happens. you know when we gone get to the good stuff,  get down to the good stuff,  when we gone get to it. Then I saw her! just the face, oh so sweet she looks, and theres something erotic to her. I go to read her about me, I can feel here eyes follow me, and I find myself just looking at her. Wo hey man its just a pic, I shake my head and go read, man I can dig this, aI can relate to what she had  to say. It wasnt the god fearing,soulmate,for ever an ever bull ****, right on for be/naughty, now this ix the ****! quik I hit friend request, bang! you and **** are friend! Yea babie! Now let me message her, let me see I have to say something sweet, not over board,  it has to be real so she want see whats this dude all about. I poke message and!!!!!!!!!!! please **** your credit card number and become another **** monkey beliving the hype. now belive it or not  but I dont even have one of those cards. So I was spining around like a dogg after his own tale. Now I am **** with be/naughty if they would have told me,hey if you wont to do anything like any of the **** that wes said you could do for  free no credit card needed, I would  not have here, I would not have seen ****, and I would be going crazy night now. I know some of you are saying oh shut up cry ****.to you i say step nobody wants you around anyway, and those of you who feel me.  leave a commit. who knows maybe **** will see this, fedl my pain,   With that I will say  Love&Lust im Darnell  and im out for now!!!!!!!!!!!

May 7, 13 11:37 PM


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