Innocence By: Jay Knux   “I’m going to find out. It’s just a name, right? What’s so secret about it?” I turned and went to my closet and threw on my favorite black and silver button up dragon shirt and some blue jeans along with my pair of short shocks and my red and white sneakers had a picture of a card king on one side and what I assumed to be the queen on the other and headed downstairs.   “Good Morning Jay. How are you feeling this morning?”   “I’m Feeling fine today ma, how about you?” I replied with a smile descending down the stairs.   “Thanks for asking I’m doing just as well. By the way I need you to go do some hunting for me. Catch something large for me would you.” my **** turned from the kitchen to look at me. “Your blade and the bag are by the door and don’t get into any trouble either. You may be good but trouble always seems to find you quite easily.” She laughed.   “don’t worry ****, I’ll bring back as much trouble as you want.” I could only smile. She was just as vibrant as usual. Her hair was just as vibrant and it shined like pure silver. Her looks belied her age. She looked like she was in her mid twenties but she was much older than that. As for how old I’ve been sworn not to say. She had slightly turned her head and out of the corner of her cherry blossom colored eye, watched me stroll to the door and strapped my favorite Vibro-blade to my waist and sling the backpack across my  shoulder and head out side.   I lived in a small village called Isis. It was a quiet **** town most of the time apart from the usual festivals. It was mostly adults and young ****, almost all the teens moved out but came back when they got older. There were a few of us who chose to stay to help our ****. I was one of them. I live at the northwestern part of the village with my ****. I’d do all of the hard manual labor and ma took care of the house. I’m pretty proficient with my Vibro-blade, although I haven’t mastered it yet but I know my way around it. It’s unlike any other sword around. It’s the only one that can use sound waves to cause more damage to an opponent. It’s done by pulling the trigger on the sword. Somewhere there is someone that knows how to get it to use bullets but I don’t know where or let alone who and neither does anyone in the village.   It’s still unknown where or even how to do it.     I headed outside and started my usual trip down the path and began heading west towards the forest.   “Wait Foul demon, your extended time is up.” I sighed as hard as I could as the only pain in my **** found me again.   “What do you want Kraven, I don’t have time for this, I’ve got more important things to do then waste time with you?” I looked off in to the distance and thought about what I would catch instead of looking at him.   Is that so if you’re in such a hurry, then I’ll be more than happy to make this quick.” Kraven charged at jay.  I sighed again and gave a small side stepped as he tried to take a swing at me and I flung him to the ground.   “What a **** trick you use demon!”  Kraven roared standing up and dusting himself off. “Of course you wouldn’t be able to fight me head on. You would have to resort to tricks.” Kraven began to get madder. “If you’re going to use your tricks then I guess I have to use mine.” Kraven unsheathed his long blade.  “Rengeki duo!” Kraven’s blade began to glow and hum. I stood there and was vaguely not amused with another new trick that doesn’t work.  A red searing pain flashed through my mind and I crumbled to a knee and clutched my head   “Falling to the ground at my shear power already? Well it’s not done yet demon.” Kraven’s blade broke and shattered into pieces, leaving only three small portion of the blade. The shattered pieces still remained floating in the air.  I continued to feel the pain while Kraven rambled.   (( ‘Help Me?’ )) A young woman’s voice shot through my mind. (( ‘Please help me. I’m in a strange forest… I don’t…think…I…can’ )) My expression darkened. ‘Guess I had better hurry up then?’ I said to myself and stood up and began to ready myself.   Kraven slammed his broken sword into the ground and began to slowly pull it back up. The sword curved and reformed but it was more curved and smaller and just as soon as the tip of the sword came out of the ground he ripped it backwards and the shards of the old sword came together and formed the same blade he had just produced from the ground, catching it in his left hand. “Ready!” Kraven cried. I didn’t move but stared watching him, waiting for him to slip up. “GO! Triblade” Kraven rushed forward but his image shifted into different places and he disappeared before reaching he was able to reach me. He reappeared just a few feet behind me and Kraven smiled. “Hope you like the gift I gave you.”  I didn’t turn around to look at him I didn’t think anything had happened but I should have known better with him.   “You didn’t do any-….” I couldn’t finish my sentence. A small cut appeared in my shirt it was thin and long matching the length of his blades. More and more the cuts began to appear through my shirt I could feel the cuts on my arms and chest I could hear the sound of my shirt tearing. My mouth dropped open and I had, what to my knowledge, was a horrified expression across my face.   “I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!” I hollered. ”I’m done Kraven!! I’ve had enough of playing with you! I really liked this shirt too and for you to do this is just too much! I’ve got more important things to do like stand here and **** around with you! Someone needs help!”   Kraven lept away from me a few feet.   “A demon like you?” Kraven gave a sarcastic chuckle “Someone asked for your help and you’re going to help them? Don’t make me laugh.” I turned to look at him and I unhooked my blade and raised it into the sky “Breaker” I said softly and slammed the blade into the ground pulling the trigger just before it hit the ground. The end result was just what I wanted. A blade beam travels across the ground and it flies with amazing speed and it just so happens the target doesn’t realize it before it’s too late and it struck him right in his chest. He didn’t make a noise as he flew back a few feet and slide across the ground. ‘Humph perfect. Now’s my chance to get out of here before the **** wakes up.’ I checked over my blade making sure that it wasn’t too damaged and reequipped it to my side and I made sure that it was fastened to my waist securely; I turned around and bolted for the forest.   I ran into the outskirts of the forest, I looked for anything something that was out of place. I bolted through the forest. I damn near covered the entire forest looking for this girl and I came up empty. It was still just the normal forest that’s always been there. I was getting tired so I took a small break to rest and sat down on a nearby stump. ‘I hope I wasn’t losing my mind just then that was pretty real to be some figment of my imagination.’ I clutched my head and that blinding red pain came over me again and once again I heard the girl’s voice again. (( ‘please……help me……tent’ ))   ‘damn it, again’ I was beginning to get tired of the pain but something wouldn’t let me quit. That pain was enough to get me up from my break. It was then I realized where she was. There was a small clear further west from where I was and there was a tent there. It was the village camping grounds. It’s mainly used for well, camping, when the fathers want to take their sons camping. I rushed towards the other side of the forest and into the clearing.  The air, it was so still and there didn’t seem to be any animals in the area now. Usually there’s birds chirping or even the insects. Something evil was here or really bad.   I looked for something, anything that could be found as alive at the moment. I could see the tent but there wasn’t much there. I went closer to it in hopes of finding her. And there on the ground was a hand sticking out near the back of the tent. I ran over to wear the girl was lying. I didn’t have much time to admire her body. She was beaten, battered, and bruised, hard. Although for some reason her head was left alone. It didn’t make sense to me but I’d think about it later. Whoever did this wanted her **** and left her out in the middle of know where. Too bad though. They didn’t toss her far enough.     ‘All right! Kinda. Hope she isn’t **** yet. That would ****. And after I just found her too.’ I told myself. And once again that oh so joyous feeling came back along with that red light.   (( I’m not……**** yet……****! !)) ‘My, what a mouth on this one. Well, now that I’ve found you I’m not very well going to leave you here. So I guess we’ll be on our way.’ I picked her up and bolted as fast as I could with a dying girl in my arms. I never thought that I would carry somebody bridal style unless I was getting married, especially not with some dying girl in my arms. I ran back into the village and into the house damn near kicking in the door in the process.   “****!! Get the kit and give me a hand.”   “Oh lord what did you drag back home in this today. It’s not some dog is it?” my **** turned around. I thought I had seen her expression darken, it was just for a second but it might have been just for a second, more than likely it might have been the heat of the moment and what not.   “Actually it’s a ****-girl…this time.”   “Oh lord you found yourself into more trouble again. Well, carry her up stairs and wait down here and I’ll see if I can do something for the poor girl.” I carried her up stairs and into my room and gently **** her on the bed and went back downstairs. **** never did let me see what she did whenever she helped one of the animals I brought in. that was the one condition, if I wanted her to help. I was to never see how she did it. While it was of the few big mysteries that I had, the patient was all ways back to full health afterwards so I never actually checked it out.   You know what I’ve noticed? When things go wrong it takes forever for time to go by. It’s really annoying. I waited for what seemed like a few hours. At least I was able to clean my vibro-blade while I waited. Cleaning the blade was always the best part. Making sure that it shined and that the edge was sharp. I took extra time to make sure that the mechanics for the firing of the sound in the gun was clean, that the barrel was clean just in case.   My **** came downstairs awhile after I had cleaned my vibro-blade. “Well I’ve done everything I can. As for now it’s up to her.” She wiped her hands on the cloth around her waist. I sighed, I was glad that she wasn’t ****; I got there just in time my ego called out. She patted me on my head and headed towards her room.   The next few days passed without incident. I didn’t’ see Kraven for a while and I did however have to go back out to the forest to get the meat I had forgotten to get that day. I got a lot of meat to make up for that, and I got some fire wood for the coming winter. By the time I was done almost the entire side of the house was filled with fire wood. Walking around shirtless for a while was always a bit refreshing, I’d have to clean up later, chopping would always leaves me a bit **** and no woman wants a **** boy……I think.     Although I did go and check on the young girl every so often, she was quite pretty while she slept. **** had always been good at healing things. I had always assumed that it was one of her skills. The young girl had been bandaged around her head and it looped around one of her eyes. She almost looked like a mummy but most of her face was uncovered. I couldn’t see the rest of her body for obvious reasons. It was covered by the sheet and blanket. Ma always did a good job changing the sheets, Still wouldn’t mind a peek though, even if she was wear a pink shirt.   After ma had got a hold of her and cleaned her up I was able to see how smooth her skin was. It was nice but it wasn’t flawless. She had such beautiful hair. It was long I’m pretty sure it was almost down to passed her shoulders. It was as dark as the night but is had some shine to it was amazing. It was almost like my **** hair, but you know the opposite color. My ****’s is silver or white in some light. It’s still pretty. What’s even cooler then her hair was the fact that she had **** ears. I leaned in close to get a better look at those ears and they twitched every so often. I smiled when they did; it was way too cool to see them twitch. I moved down to get a closer look of the young girl I saved and her eyes shot open. Her golden eye flexed and focused and looked **** at me, she leapt out the bed and crouched in the corner.   “Who are you? Where am I? And what were you getting ready to do to me you perv?” She belted out quickly. She looked like some wild **** shaking in the corner. Oh look she happened to be dressed actually. What I assume to be some of ****’s old clothes. It was a knee length black skirt with a twig of a cherry blossom tree on one side and a few of the petals blowing off the one side and a simple light pink shirt to match the flower petals on the bottom.   “My, I’d hate to see how you treat your enemies. Not even so much as a thank you to the person who saves you”. I moved to sit on the bed and she crouched lower. If she got any lower she’d be on the first floor.   “Oh come now you’re already here and if I was going to hurt you, you wouldn’t be all bandaged up now would you. Sides I want to talk to you for a bit anyway. Promise I won’t bite. Hard. So why not come have a seat and let’s kick this thing off.” The young woman still remained huddled in the corner with a fierce look in her eye. She inched towards the bed but made no move to sit on it.   “So missy what’s your name?” I waited for a while for her to come around and say something. Sadly, she didn’t. “Know what wait right here I’ve got something for you.” I went down stairs and headed for the kitchen. Lucky me ma went out shopping for the day. I headed right towards the fridge. I was sure that she had to have been hungry. I took out a piece of fish. Classic I know. I seasoned the fish and threw it into the pan. I could only hope that she wouldn’t come down and see what I was doing. Or……escape that would ****. Waste of food. I cooked the fish till it was a nice orange color. It was still quite large. Usually it shrinks to a smaller size. It smelled quite nice. I was sure she could smell it.   I tossed the fish on a plate with a medium sized glass of milk. Classic **** things I know already. It was still funny, I didn’t even know if she would like it or not. I walked into my room and she wasn’t there anymore. I put the food on my desk and scanned the room, under the bed, in my closet, nothing she really did leave. ‘damn it, try to be nice and she leaves………I wonder where she could have went she didn’t go out the window and I could see the door from the kitchen. She couldn’t have gone far she must still be upstairs.’ I heard shifting but nothing in the room moved. ‘She couldn’t be!’ I thought to myself and looked to the ceiling. Don’t you know she was attached to the ceiling? “What are you doing up there. Gravity must not be your friend right now. You know that right.” The girl looked down at me and she let go and flipped from the ceiling and fell on top of me. “You’re still heavy.” She bolted off of me and crashed out the window. She wasn’t leaving me very many options and the best one I could think of was the duct tape we had in the closet.   I grabbed a new shirt quickly as I could and ran down the stairs and grabbed my blade, again making sure that it was securely fastened to my waist and bolted out the door after the girl. I could still see her but just barely she was heading towards the north exit of the village. I hope she wasn’t going to the cave. I ran as fast as I could. Now I’m not the slowest person ever but I’m faster than everyone in my village and faster than the mail man but for some reason the girl with the ears was quick, I mean really quick. It took almost all I had to try and keep up with her. I chased after her for some time and damn it don’t you know she was going to the cave. It had a giant warning sign and don’t you know people actually listened to it. The girl bolted right past it and of course I ignored it too and ran after her.   For my own reasons I was glad that I was able to get into here without any one in the village seeing me. Usually there’s some nosy neighbor who catches me but today…nothing Something in the back of my mind told me something was wrong. I told it I was chasing some girl I didn’t even know and it remained quiet. The cave was something to behold the walls sparkled different colors but it seemed the dominant color was white. I had always wanted to explore in here. I tried when I was **** but I never made it too far into the cave. Figured I’d just throw this out there it’s not just the cave it’s called the Forbidden Cave. Classic I know right? I always wanted to know why it was called that. Man, Young **** with the curiosity of a 3 yr old. I’m perfect for all the ladies.   I finally **** up to the girl. She was crouched behind a rock and damn it don’t you know she was crouching next to Kraven. I quickly walked up to them and crouched too. “Kraven, What in the hell are you doing here? Don’t you know you aren’t supposed to be in here?”   Kraven didn’t even bat an eyelash. “The same could be said for you too. So why are you here foul thing. Shouldn’t you be at home **** small kittens or whatever it is that you demons do?     I scoffed at him. “So says the man crouching next to a girl with **** ears. Why are you here?” I still wanted answer from the freak.   Kraven sighed. “I was following two demonic auras. And here I thought yours was bad. It makes yours look like a paper weight. You’re harmless compared to these two. It must be stopped.” Kraven looked really nervous. Like something was about to go down. They both continued to look at something in a nearby cavern. I looked too, cause you know I had to know and see what it was too. I saw a statue of a woman and two figures were standing in front of it. It looked like they were talking. I couldn’t hear them to well. Most of what I **** was master, statue, and ****. didn’t make sense to me and I didn’t care. I just wondered why they were there.   Kraven sneezed. Both I and the girl’s dropped and we stared at him. “damn it Kraven! Of all the times to do that you pick now to do it. You’re an idiot for doing a classic move like that now.” Kraven shrugged his shoulders and didn’t even look sorry. My urge to kill the man rose quickly but there were more important things to do at the moment. We peered back over the rock we were hidden behind and they still stood there but the whispering stopped and they looked like they were looking in our direction. The two’s image began to shimmer and fade. They were gone and it annoyed me for some odd reason. All of us moved from behind the rock and walked up to the statue. Kraven didn’t look too interested in it and neither did the girl It called to me for some odd reason. I wanted to get closer to it, to examine it and maybe just……touch it. My body started to get hot as I got closer to the statue.  I stretched my arm and attempted to touch it.   Something was odd, I could have sworn I heard some woman talking she sounded wise and young but almost as old as time itself. I just couldn’t quite make out what she was saying, and it looked like neither Kraven nor the girl didn’t hear the voice…   “No you fool don’t touch it?” Kraven shouted. Too late. My hand was already on it.   “See no harm done.” I replied back. My fingers began to tingle and it traveled down my hand then up my arm and spread throughout the rest of my body.  My body then began to glow and there was a flash of light and it encompassed me and it shot me backwards and the last thing I remember was hitting that back wall.  Hard. --------------------------------------------------- &ldquoo you think he’ll be alright?” The young girl asked.   “I don’t care as long as he’s **** it makes no difference to me. It’ll be one less demon that I have to deal with.” Kraven walked towards the door to leave. “As far as I’m concerned he’s ****. I hope he stays that way.” Kraven left without another word. The young girl looked out the window and the gray skies as it began to rain.   Jay’s **** came in to periodically check in on him. She didn’t say much to the young girl. Her eyes where a slight red, but she made sure the young girl didn’t see that. She looked like she was trying to hide the fact that she had been crying in the first place, it was understandable, and her only son that she loved more then life itself was now lying in his room unconscious for what had seemed like a life time. She would think about the things that went wrong and continued in a downward spiral of negativity. Her once happy and cheerful demeanor was gone. There was nothing she could do this was beyond her powers and she wanted so much for him to wake up. It’s a shame to say but Jay had only been out for a week.   The young girl slept by jay’s side. Never moving, maybe for a potty break and a slight bit of food, but after she was done she always came back. As to why she continued to sit there is a mystery or maybe not, as we’ll come to find out later. ---------------------------------------------------   ‘I seemed to have F’ked up big time.’ I thought to myself. I was lost in darkness. I didn’t know where I was or what I seemed to be doing but oddly enough I was not freaking out if anything it was comforting and that freaked me out.   ‘I wish I knew where I was. Hope Kraven never gets to hear me say this but he was right I should not have touched that statue; curse my inability to listen to others. But the real question is, Am I alive or ****?’ Of course no one answered.   “What do you mean there was a people there!? You weren’t found out were you!? You had better not have been!” A loud voice rang out from everywhere. Jay looked around seeing the same familiar shadows from earlier but kept quiet. This voice sounded really **** that they failed “That boy might just come back to haunt me. You had better take care of this. Who knows she might show up as well and that boy too.” An image appeared in front of jay but it was just as far as well. “That voice and this image………it looks so familiar. I wonder who he could be, must be the near **** experience.”   Something familiar came back to me. It was the red light from earlier it was different. There was no pain this time. I could see it and moved from the top to somewhere in the background in front of me.  It thinned out into a line and it peaked and dipped and matched something. It seemed like speech. Once I saw it I could hear someone. It was a woman, someone I knew………my ****. She was crying. The line changed colors from red to a blue.   “Please jay come back, wake up, do something, I can’t lose you. Not now. I couldn’t handle that.” The line sobbed in her stead.  “I couldn’t handle losing another person in my life. Not again.” She sobbed out.   I had to do something there wasn’t too much I could do at the present moment. I wanted to get back to you too ****. What could I do? There was still so much that I had to do.   You who are the **** of light and darkness. Something rang out from the darkness I didn’t know what it said but more came with it. A time will come soon for must face the evil within. Sadly I won’t remember this.   I slowly awoke in my room. Everything seemed a bit fuzzy to tell you the truth. That girl from earlier had her head on my bed my guess was, that she was worried about **** oh me and didn’t want to leave my side. I could hear my **** sobbing lightly from somewhere in the house…It had to be close by maybe her room. I vampired my way out of the bed so as to not wake the poor **** girl. I put my pants on and headed to find my ****. Of course I was almost right. She was downstairs on the couch.   Sadly **** was always like that. She would break down and lay on the couch or in the room with just a tee shirt on and her underwear. It was kinda sad actually…hot (gross I know) but mostly sad.  It was like she became soulless. It had been like that for as long as I could remember. Every time I had been seriously hurt she turned into this. She was actually quite emotionally strong. But when it came to me she immediately broke down. She just really wouldn’t function I calmly walked over to wear she was laying and I could hear her sobbing softly.   “**** there’s a guest in the house and you choose now of all times to walk around the house in that outfit.” I whispered over the couch. She stopped sobbing slowly and looked over the couch. She didn’t say much but just stared at me. I knew what she was thinking but I already had an answer.   “Yes ****. I am real and no this isn’t an illusion. You should know by now that it isn’t that easy to get rid of me. Now let’s get you upstairs and get you out into the world……with clothes on.” I told her as I pretty much shoved her up the stairs and into her room.       ‘Wish I had time to deal with this but there is a lot that I have to do now and it’s not going to do itself.’ I headed back downstairs and grabbed some figs……I really do like figs they’re quite tasty. I headed back upstairs and into my room. Sadly that girl hadn’t moved and inch, She was still in the same sleeping position I had found her in. ‘She must have been up for awhile. It’s a shame she doesn’t talk much, she’s really pretty/**** when she’s a sleep. I wish I could get to know her.’ I walked closer to her and I could hear her breathing softly. I leaned in close to her face; she really was ****, one of her ears twitched and her eyes shot open and she tackled me to the ground. I went down like when Su gets a hold of me. I’m kinda surprised that she did it in the same way. She hit me right in my hip……that’s your center of gravity. I still don’t know why she does it. It kind of weirds me out. I beginning to think she likes me.       She had her hands wrapped around my throat. Now doing all the hard work in the house came with benefits. I was already strong from the start. I could lift two full grown men…I know; I’ve tried it. So flipping her over was, of course, no problem and prying her hands off my neck and pinning them to the floor was like ****’s play. She struggled and gritted her teeth and glared at me. I loved the look on her face. She knew that struggling was useless.         “Get off me!” I was shocked. Finally some words of meaning, although I didn’t let her see or know it. “demon Punk! Let me go!!” Her elbows wiggled off the ground but it wasn’t much. I leaned in close and turned my head and asked, “I’m sorry miss, but who tackled who first?” She didn’t respond but stared daggers with a blush across her face.         “Please get off me.” She said with gritted teeth. I smiled and got off her and let her go. She rubbed her wrist and backed away.       “Just thought I’d let you know too Missy, My name is Jay not Demon Punk.         “You like picking on girls? Don’t you?” She stared at me. Her body tensed and it seemed like she was waiting.       “You like strangling people who save you?” I gave her my rebuttal, her ears went up and her tail flared. She stared at the floor and fidgeted. “Now that I’ve put you in your place.” She glared again “How bout that name…I could just keep calling you missy but that would just be weird wouldn’t it? For both of us.”  The girl just glared and sighed. Sadly she didn’t say anything once again and headed for the door. She kicked me on the way out the door. did you know that a kick to the ankle hurts, followed by a punch to the gut. She got me on the way out.  She was really strong. She hits like a man. A very pretty man. A very pretty man that I might take to the lake and then maybe to ****.       But that was okay. I let her wander off. I wasn’t worried that she would get into trouble. It would be fine. I still had work that needed to be done. I needed to go to the store and get some stuff bought for our house.       I put one of my many dragon shirts on and headed towards the front door and grabbed my blade and left for the store. I didn’t get far before something told me something was wrong.  It was a familiar feeling one that I got often. I already knew who it was but the real question was is where she was going to come from. I like her I really do but the way she shows up is unusual. She is an elementalist and as such her body is of the elements she can change into any element around here. Usually she drops in……literally. I knew she was here….somewhere nearby but where. I searched for her presence and once again I couldn’t find her.   “HIIII JAY!!!!” I could hear her but I still couldn’t see her. I was tackled to the ground hard. And like I said earlier it was right in my hip……yep center of gravity and all. My Vibro-blade skittered to the side   “Hi Su……How are you doing?” I groaned out.   “I missed you my **** flame elementalist. So are we gonna do it again? I was thinking of you while I was gone. The thought of your heat kept me warm while I was gone.” She whispered into my ear. My jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe she was this bad even if it was the afternoon.   “Su really…right now…you want to do that now. It’s not like I’m busy or anything. Su you mind not saying it like that. You make it sound so……****.  If you really want to do it again then fine I won’t be responsible for what happens you know.” Su nodded gleefully.   I could see the few people gathering who knew what was getting ready to happen. They were some of the regulars to the event. Not that I cared…Su didn’t even notice it half the time.  Su quickly got off of me and stood up with a gleeful expression on her face. I quickly jumped to my feet and dusted myself off.   Su never had a fighter’s stance, she just stood there with her arms behind her back and rocked on the souls of her feet she almost always fought with a smile on her face. Her brown hair flowed in the wind and her green eyes would shift colors while she fought. They would often mix with whatever elemental color she used. She would often use water against me and would usually absorb any damage I would cause her. The weird thing is though she says my flame is hotter then what most normal elementalist can produce even natural ones.   I could see the water begin to collect around her hands. One usually forms a water/ ice blade, which ever she chooses, while the other forms a water whip.   I crossed my arms in front of me and began to think of the passion, my anger, everything that had ever made me upset or disgruntled or even slightly annoyed. My body began to burn inside. I pushed it into my arms. It began to hurt, the pain burned like a raging inferno. I threw my arms down and snapped my fingers, summoning the flame in them. I held the flames gently, with the respect it deserved and looked at it and I smiled darkly. I loved using fire more than any other element I knew. I loved the feeling of power. The sheer power of it sent a thrill through me. I knew my blood red irises shined whenever I used this power kinda likes su’s did.     Su tried to give me a whip and I merely stepped to the side. She was quicker than the last time we fought, although I had gotten a **** tougher too.   Su continued to smile gleefully and leapt into the air, sending ice shards down at me shortly followed by the whip. I melted the ice and side stepped the whip again. She landed gracfully I appeared behind her and smiled darkly.   “Your good but you aren’t good enough to beat me yet. Maybe in a few years hard training and I might have some competition.” I gloated.    “Is that so?” she retorted and slipped into the earth.   ‘damn, I hate it when she does that.’ But I have a plan see. There was a reason the crowed stayed so far back and here’s the reason why. I channeled more of my power and flames grew and turned white and I pushed my hands into the ground. I knew she couldn’t handle two contradicting elements at once. I was right as soon as I began heating the earth, she popped right out of the ground. I appeared behind her and kicked her in the back of her knees she fell to her knees like a good **** girl. I toned down the flame and held it behind her head.   “Your move girl……choose wisely.”She scoffed at me and I had the feeling she rolled her eyes.   “Okay, okay you win yet again. But can I at least come with you….being stuck here with nothing to do isn’t any fun…you at least provide some entertainment.” She turned around and smiled at me.   To tell the truth I was kinda bored anyway. Sides I needed somebody to talk to who wasn’t always trying to fight me.   “Fine you can come, I needed somebody to talk to anyway and ma won’t cut it.” She jumped up gleefully and gave me hug. Swear sometimes she’s just like a kitten…but much more hyper.   The crowed that had gathered clapped and cheered and began to disperse. I picked up my Vibro-blade and then proceeded to I dusted myself off and she dusted herself off too. I watched her do it…it was fun…seeing a girl dust her body………perviness………but anyway after she was done she latched on to my arm and we headed towards the store. To me it was useless trying to get her off my arm. I’ve tried numerous things to get her off. I’ve used pushing, a pry,……fire. None of it worked and as for the fire, well she just absorbed my fire……the **** cheat.   As we walked I told her about what had happened over the last few days…she laughed, smiled, and was even shocked about the statue. I managed to work out that I didn’t find a girl and that she was in my room. I could only hope that Su wouldn’t find out or even that the girl would show back up. But with my luck it wouldn’t go like that. Although what she didn’t like was me being knocked out for a week. She squeezed my arm tightly when I told her that, but quickly relaxed her **** grip.   The trip went without a hitch and I was able to buy some supplies and defiantly more figs. I was attacked, no weird painful head calls just normalcy within its range anyway. After I bought my supplies we headed back to my place.   **** was back in the kitchen again humming gleefully. I announced Su was with me and we headed up stairs after **** acknowledged us.   I could feel Su smiling. She enjoyed the company of my ****. She often told me that she would have liked to have her as a ****. I waltzed into my room only to find another problem. My chest was beginning to burn.   “You again, I thought you had left?” I asked as more of a question then a statement and as calmly as I could. I was really getting tired of this girl. Maybe it wasn’t that good of an idea to save her. She was more of a headache then a help and so far it hadn’t been much of a thank you other than being attacked so far.   “Thank you.” I looked back at Su with a questionable face and Su shook her head and pointed at the **** girl in front of us, still wearing the same outfit that she had on when she left. I looked at her and her eyes were closed and she was hanging her head.   “Well finally a thank you. That’s a bit better; it’s good to know that there is still some kind of gratitude for saving someone. At the very least you could have thanked my **** because she was the one that helped heal you up anyway.”   “My name is Shadow, but not that it matters, you have to die now. It would have been better if you hadn’t of saved me. Maybe if it had only been somebody else. You would have been spared from this fate” She said softly. Great, just what I needed another Kraven. It seems that I got a bit too lost in thought as I tried to figure out what Shadow meant because I surely didn’t see her leap at me.   What I did see was the water blast that flew by me and hitting the girl in her chest and knocking her out the window. Su leapt after the girl, and landed gracefully on the ground. I leapt out the window after Su and landed smoothly on the ground a few feet behind her. It was actually kind of fun watching Su attack someone else let alone come to my defense.   “How dare you attack someone else that you don’t even know, in their own house no less? What happened to common courtesy? You beginning to give women everywhere a bad name” The girl began to get up and Su not missing a beat began to summon water around her hand. She walked towards her slowly. Then she broke out into a run and punted her right in the stomach. Shadow let out an oomph and Su again not missing a beat, back handed Shadow with the water hand.   Sometimes this girl made me proud to be her friend. Other times it was sickening how scary she could be. I’d have been shocked if she kicked her somewhere else but that really wouldn’t have surprised me either. The girl that had called herself Shadow had continued to roll across the ground a bit and slid to a halt. She got up so slow it was almost painful to watch. Her face remained solemn and she still wasn’t so talkative. Su was beginning to shake. I’ve never seen Su shake in my entire life. It was almost frightening how evil she was becoming. I seem to be rubbing off on the poor girl. That was a trait that I had. I watched Su I knew she was getting ready to do something bad, really bad but I didn’t know what. A blue arua began to emit from Su. “Since you still have nothing to say or to even apologize for. I shall give you something to be sorry for. Since you enjoy taking life. You may rest in an eternal ice coffin.” A blue glyph appeared under Su and her eyes flashed a mixture of silver and blue. The look on her face was entirely blank. “Rest in the silver embrace.”   “Su NO!!” I ran at Su with full speed. Su turned to look at me and her eyes flashed blue. “Absolute.” She whispered. I was too late. The air instantly chilled. Even though the sky was as clear as the water in our well snowflakes began to fall. A light blue circle began to circle around Shadow. It would’ve been almost white if it hadn’t had been for the blue rim. An icicle pillar shot up from the circle entrapping Shadow in an ice spike I turned Su around and grabbed her shoulders. “Are you nuts!? Using that move in the middle of the village, if anybody be sides us would have been here they would’ve been frozen too.” Su only shrugged. I knew she didn’t care and talking was useless once she gets angry it’s hard to stop her. “It’s a good thing no one else besides us was here then right? Sides she was getting on my nerves, not talking. She can stay there for all I care. She’s already a statue so I’m sure the other villages won’t mind. There was a loud **** from behind me. Su’s eyes narrowed and I turned around. The Icicle spike now had a big **** in it and a red aura was being emitted from inside it. ‘damn it another elementalist, a flame one and a woman none the less. Her flame though……it’s almost as strong as mine. This won’t end well.’ I sighed as a spell that I knew reverbed in my soul. The words for the spell rang out. ”O flames of hell, bring unto them the wrath of the lord of fire.”     A large red glyph appeared below the icicle spike and it began to spin. As it span it began to spark igniting the air around and within the circle, spinning the flames with it.   “Flare Tornado!” Shadows voice echoed out. The flames shot up into the sky spinning. She emerged from the flames eyes glowing red without a burn mark on her. She smiled gleefully. “did you think you two were the only elementalist around?” I soon realized there was something I missed. She was no longer in front of me or Su but in between me and Su. I missed it…I really didn’t see her move. I instinctively leapt back but Su wasn’t so lucky. Shadow had picked her by her throat and tossed her aside. She flew with such speed. Su skipped along the ground like a rock being thrown perfectly against a pond. What made that move perfect was that Su had rolled. I would have laughed had that been someone else and that the person wasn’t in a fight. Su’s back hit the tree.   “Su!” I rushed toward the falling tree. I could easily see the blood begin to fall down her forehead and some stains on the now shattered base of the tree. But that **** made it there first.   “do you value this girl that much? How do you want her to die? I can crush her skull or she can go by flames, if you don’t want her to die then you can die in her stead. Show me your power.”   I could see the marks she was leaving on Su’s face. It hurt me how powerless I was now. I had to do something, anything. I’d do anything to get this to stop.   ‘Is that true boy? You’d do anything to save that girl?’ She raised and gave her a bit of a toss-up and then gripped her by her throat. Su vainly struggled in her grip, her eyes slowly rolling up into the back of her skull. I panicked.   ‘Yes’ I didn’t know where that voice was coming from but I no longer cared. So long as it helped me save Su.   ‘Then relinquish your soul to me boy!’ I felt something. Something ancient, dark, and maybe even evil, but at the moment I didn’t care. All that mattered to me was rescuing Su from this chick. I watched as a circle began to form around me. Its outline was black and as it completed itself the blackness began to collapse inward toward me. Hitting my shoes it began to spread upward, slowly engulfing me. It was cool to the touch as it hit my torso. As soon as it hit my head I felt a strong surge of power. I didn’t know what to do. So much power at the same time, I felt so light, and every muscle tensed, ready in a split second to move.   I moved with such speed Shadow hadn’t even realized I had moved. Her eyes had such a beautiful expression on them. A look of pure shock……and fear. I relished in the feeling of terror on her face.   “Now you feel everything I have suffered since you arrived. You’ve caused me nothing but problems since I saved you. Maybe I should crush your skull or maybe you should try a taste of my flames, You want to see my power, well then here have some and tell me how it tastes?” I gripped her by her own throat and she dropped Su. Su crumpled to the ground choking and gasping for air. Shadow gripped my wrist as I picked her up off the ground. I took such delight in cause her pain. Watching her own eyes slowly begin to roll up into her head. “don’t think you can pass out and escape this.” I punched her in the stomach and tossed her into a nearby tree. It crumpled right in half. I laughed as I moved in front of her. She coughed and choked. I really did do a number on her and smiled in delight. She looked up at me with such anger in her eyes, such fire. I wanted to extinguish it, watch as that last bit of fire was **** right out of her eyes.       “Oh my, what a beautiful flame you have burning in your eyes. You should see it.” I grabbed her by her throat with one hand and rammed her into another tree taking care to not break it. I lifted her further up the tree, her legs dangled limply off the ground, I smiled again in such delight.     “You traitorous wench!” I punched her in her stomach listening to the air leave her. I punched her again and again, I really didn’t care now. I knew it was wrong, I knew I was losing control of whatever this power was. I couldn’t fight it anymore. I guess I indulged in something that I should not have.       “So much power, so much joy. This is incredible! I love this!” I called out with glee I laughed but my soon smile began to fade. Instead I began bare my teeth at the woman before me I continued to punch her. Every time I did it I began to growl more and more.   “Jay, please stop this. This isn’t you.” Su’s voice vaguely rang out. I could barely feel her tugging on my arm.   “You’re still alive I see. I’m glad.” I dropped the now limp Shadow. I helped Su to her feet.   ‘do it. It’ll be fun’ The voice rang out.   ‘I can’t, I won’t do it.’   ‘do it! We’ll get so much joy out of it!!!’ It got louder   ‘No’   ‘THEN I WILL!!!’ it hollered back. I could feel my hand slowly rise. I did everything I could to resist it. Sadly it no longer mattered what I did. This power was now in control of my body and my powers.   It was like being trapped in a cage, attempting to rattle the bars and screaming out in vain, no feeling, and no senses nothing. I **** back against the bars and watched the events unfold before me.   ------------------------------------------------   Jay gently helped Su to her feet. He held her by her shoulders making sure that she wasn’t too wobbly. The blood still evident on her face   “Are you okay Su?” Jay asked her.   “Yea I’m fine. I’m made of tougher stuff then this she said. Jay smiled and patted Su on the head.   “I’m glad to hear that……but you won’t be fine for long.” Then he picked her up by her throat, slowly but surely tightening his grip on her. The fearful look in her eyes was indescribable to him. He punched her a few times in her stomach and then tossed her aside like garbage.   He had such a gleeful smile as he did it. What he didn’t notice in is joy was that a yellow glyph was beginning to form below him. It’s lines being slowly traced throughout the glyph. As the glyph finished the walls of the circle sprang up hitting Jay in his wrist just as he finished tossing Su aside. Jay pulled

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