We Swallow Greedily Any Lie That Flatters Us

In my third month as a single (seperated) man, the fog of confusion and harsh words are finally beginng to fade and the truth is becoming clearer in my mind. When you pin your hopes and dreams to another only to watch it crumble like so much rubbish it can be very tramatic. But if the truth be told, I was living a lie. I knew in my heart of hearts the marriage was over almost a year ago. Oh sure we got along, we talked, went out to events, even had company come for a visit this last summer. But the intimacy was missing, the closenss had disappeared, even flirting wasn't doing the trick. The truth of the matter was slapping me squarely on the face, and I didn't want to admit it.

As a man I was prepared to swallow any line that my estranged wife would have thrown my way, just to keep the illusion of our happy marrige intact. Call it desperation, call it pathetic but that's the way my cookie crumbled. Well no more! This man has shed his shackes and is ready to roar. I'm a free man in a free world and I'm ready to taste the fruits of this world once again. Renewed, re-invigorated, eyes **** open and willing to try just about anything. Are You?

Dec 9, 10 7:58 PM


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