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For women a lack of **** is very rarely due to physical problems. Usually it's the lack of attention to her mind and soul. All women need to be spoiled a **** and be shown some undevided attention. A man needs to make love to a womens mind and soul before considering her body.

The greatest **** organ we have is our minds! When we stimulate our imaginations with fantasies and desires then our bodies will surely follow. Here are a few hints to get you started, it really works for me:

1. Set aside 2-3 hours for yourself with no distractions. Find a quiet safe place to lie down and relax. Somewhere you feel very comfortable. Some people may want to take a warm shower first if they are not adept at this process. This actually is a very key step emotionally as it will help relax your fight or flight response.

2. Clothed or **** - this depends on your goal for the exercise, just relaxing or preparing for **** by yourself or with a partner. The key is for you to be comfortable and safe.

3. Close your eyes and lie down on your back. Take a few deep breaths. Inhale slowly, filling your lungs to capacity, when they are full, hold for three seconds. Then slowly exhale until empty. Repeat 3-5 times

4. Continue to breath normally and allow your body to naturally relax, everyone is different on the manner in which they relax. The goal here is to get in touch with your body, mentally survey the muscles from your head down to your toes. What do you feel in each area, are the muscles tight and ridged or loose and flexible? You should continue until you are in a pre-sleep mode, still awake and consciences but very relaxed.

5. Ok, now comes the good part, what I call mental **** or the pre-orgasmic phase. This is were your **** initially starts , strange I know, but if you skip this phase you will have difficulty reaching anything remotely close to an ****. More true for women then men as men have an auto-response point of no return mechanism that women do not have. Probably something to do with the survival of the species.

Ok, let's get started. Begin this phase with your eyes closed, arms at your sides, legs parted and breathing normally. Begin by visuallizy in your head the setting for a romantic encounter. Then think about the characters, who is going to be there with you. Start out dressed in a **** outfit of your choice, is it that **** black dress but this time your not wearing any underwear, or jeans and a t- shirt. What about the characters, what are they wearing. It's best to allow this to be free flowing, let it appear in your mind without effort. Continue withe your scenario, perhaps this is the romantic encounter you always wanted but didn't have the time or partner to do it justice. Just let it flow, allow yourself to feel and sense everything. Let your body respond to every touch, taste,'smell, sight and sound as though your were really there. Allow your breathing to ebbe and flow with each  sense that is explored.

Note: if your not yet adept at mental imagery then try reading a romantic novel or short story from a book prior to the session to give yourself a good starting point. It will get you into the fantasy but you must make it yours to fully experience it.

6. The next step, well actually this step happens together with the step above. This is were you fully allow your physical body to begin to interact with the fantasy. Your breathing becomes heavier and faster, your head may move side to side and your arms may begin to caress your skin. Warning: do not engage in self stimulation of your genitals, ****, buttocks, neck, ears, stomach, feet or any other highly sensitive area on your body. Allow only your mind to touch these areas based on the experience you are having in your fantasy.

I speak from experience as on my first attempt at this process, when I got to this point, I started to arch my back and lift my pelvis in a slow thrusting movement that become more intense with each successive thrust. I started to loose control and wanted to reach climax so I started to **** and touch my body, and moaning loudly I opened my eyes. What happened next shocked me. I began to loose my erection and the intensity of the moment began to subside. What happened? I determined that I lost focus of the fantasy and it's imagery and came out of the experience focusing on the so called physical response I imagined was occurring. I literally had erased the fantasy from my mind without realizing it and had to start over.

So, do everything in your power to keep your eyes closed and your mind focused on the stimulus within the imagery of the fantasy. It's ok for your body to actually respond to this stimuli for this is what we want. You can also talk out loud as though you were actually say things to the person in the fantasy. For many this is very erotic and stimulating for them to hear.

7. Wow, things are really heating up big time. At this stage you should be entering the orgasmic phase. Your body is **** responding to every image and sensory stimulation in your mind. Your on full throttle and heading for climax. You may feel your body quiver and tremble, mini quakes as I call them. You may even be thrashing about or kicking and screaming. Your pelvis may be thrusting and moving against your imaginary partners touch. For all intense purposes your body is responding to the fantasy as though it were real. Try to understand this important concept, the mind is controlling the entire experience and your body is actually responding **** and totally as though the experience was physically happening. A women's **** will be hard and erect, her **** will be wet or drenched, her **** will be engorged and sensitive. For women who **** you may find yourself already soaked prior to climax. A man will be erect, hard and throbbing and may have pre-**** fluid already oozing out of the tip of his **** and his **** will be tight and drawn up which may be uncomfortable and strangely stimulating all at the same time.

8. At this point you should be entering the climax phase. Actual **** may now be used but go slowly a first with light soft touches to your sensitive areas.  For men and women this will be **** different so I will explain the women first and then the men.
    A. Women - women take much longer to reach what is called the 90 second window. Usually a long and intense period of stimulation is required building up to this window. You may need a period of intensely focused rubbing of your **** at this stage to get you to the 90 second window. You will know when it happens because your body will tense up and your breathing will become very rapid and you find your self looking around for something to hold onto.  And actually your body movements may start to slow down as you tense up. Once you have entered this phase you will have about 90 seconds until you reach a complete orgasmic climax. While you are in this window all conditions in place at the time you entered the window MUST remain the same and stay in place. Don't change anything as any change will surely throw you out the window and you will need to work some more to get back. The feeling is akin to **** and stopping midstream with no chance of starting back up. Or climbing a mountain and just when you are within reach of the peak you slide down about 500 feet. It is very frustrating for women to come so close and not be able reach the summit. Guys need to understand this critical phase for a women and learn to be responsive to her needs. Guys if you don't recognize the signs then have your gal in advance come up with a signal she can use to tell you. Guys don't **** and then pull out or stop what your doing because your "through". Your special lady has decided to share this wonderful moment with you and therefore deserves your undivided attention and assistance. I suggest it is better for the women to **** first verses the man as this will actually help her have stronger and multiple **** because she is not worried you will do a slam-bam-thank-you-mam maneuver and forget about her needs. If a man cums just before or during the 90 second window then he should be able to sustain his erection and thrusting pattern for another two to three minutes and not make any changes until the women has her ****.
    B. Men - when a man reaches this phase he will usually enter into a no-turning-back mode or the automatic response mode. He will not be able to stop the inevitable **** and **** that will most surely occur. However, that being said there is a squeeze method that is used frequently by men with premature **** but that only stops the **** from occurring as the **** will still occur. It is also somewhat painful like having to go pee with a full bladder and not being able to empty it. Remember this the next time your johnson gets out of hand.

9. This is the post orgasmic phase and you have had your **** and are basking in it's pleasure. Men are still throbbing and erect and the women are wet and tingling. Again, this phase is different for men and women.
   A. Men - a mans erection typically will remain hard 3-5 minutes after **** before returning to it's flaccid state. However I personally have sometimes had another **** during this phase especially if I **** 1-2 minutes prior to my partner and continue to rub and thrust. Otherwise the **** will go through a refactory phase that lasts about 20 minutes before being able to get another erection. This of course presupposes no erectile drug has been used. Otherwise if Viagra or something else has been used then the erection will not go through the normal refractory phase but can remain erect for 1-8 hours longer. Going through the normal refractory cycle I have been able to go up to 7 erection-**** responses in one **** encounter lasting several hours. This is proof that men can have multiple **** too.
   B. Women - a woman has a unique capacity for pleasure as well as pain (think childbirth). Once a women enters the pre-orgasmic phase she can literally stay there for as long as she wants. Within this bubble of ecstasy a women can go up into the 90 second window, reach climax, and back down over and over and over. As long as the proper conditions are maintained she will have no problem having multiple ****. The conditions being, comfort, safety, warmth, mental and emotional support, a determination to remain focused on the moment or on the fantasy and it's images, and physical stimulation especially to the clitoral area. Some women have a connection between **** and breast stimulation and their ****, meaning they may be able to maintain stimulation to the **** by means of **** stimulation. Other areas are also possible and they are as varied as the women they affect.

Disclaimer: Diagnosed medical conditions, the use of alcohol, drugs, stimulants, creams, gels, and herbs will greatly affect the outcomes of this process. No guarantee is implied or specifically made that following the above process will lead to an **** or multiple ****. Persons with serious medical conditions should seek out the advice of a
Medical professional.

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