A Knights Return to Honor
**** fantasies/Erotic writing

You are absolutely correct sweet lady. Please except my sincer apologies for jumping the gun. I make no excuses and none exist to sufficiently reverse my oversite. I am at your mercy my lady, do with me as you will. I have dishonored you my lady and must make a pilgrimage of sacrifice to restore your faith in me. My life for your honor, a worthy sacrife, for no greater act of service can be found. So, what say you my lady, what shall be the manner of my ****? "Begone with his head!" says the lady and make it quick at lights first break before the "****" is first stroked and cums! [...awe damn, no more **** to my ladies picture for awhile, this sure is a sticky mess I've gotten into...]

Two years later and hornier than a dog humping a fence post, the knight returns to the castle of his lady. She is more fairer than when he left, she has grown in wisdom and stature, not to mention her magnificent bosoms and the golden bush between her thighs. The night kneels before his lady awaiting her blessing and forgiveness which would signal the end of his penitence and restoration of the ladies honor. However, the lady is overcome by her own pent up passions at the sight of his return and begins to hurriedly walk towards the knight with her hands lifting her dress up as she goes. The dress now lifted high above her waist reveals two stocking laced legs covered to the mid thigh and a panty-less **** now wet and engorged. She straddles the kneeling knight gripping his bead between her glorious thighs. The knight is taken aback but only momentarily as he is more than happy to ablige the lady and proceeds to eat her soft wet ****. His tounge swirls around her lips and twatt, ****, bitting and pulling on the sweet supple inner walls of her ****. This continues for several hours when the lady realizes her knight is starved from his journey and subsequent service to her nether region. So, between moans she orders food which is promptly and discreetly served in her private chambers. The diligent knight continues nibbling the ladies **** so the lady determines the best course of action is to use her body as a platter and put all of the food on her **** body with a trail of goodies leading from her **** to her belly and then through and around the twin peaks of her **** and to her neck and finally to the entrance of her open mouth.

The good knight suddenly gets a whiff of a delicacy just above the **** he's **** on. His stomach stirs and being a gentleman asks the ladies permission to temporarily discontinue **** her **** so he can get a bite to eat. The lady smiles and grants the request knowing she is about to experience a highly erotic and orgasmic feast.

Her body quivers at every touch of his lips and tongue as he caresses her body with each nibble. Being famished he proceeds to ****, ****, nibble and clean every inch of her luscious body. Just when the lady thought he was finished on goes the dessert, a layer of cold ice cream, bananas, whipped cream, berries and warm chocolate sauce. The lady withers, moans and groans as each layer is slowly ****, **** and eaten off her body.

This continues for what must have seemed like days until three cherries and one banana remained. The cherries rest on a mound of whipped cream atop each erect **** and the last upon her blood engorged ****. The good night descends upon her two exquisite ****, lightly **** the cream around the aureola and then opening his mouth **** engulfing the entire **** and it's contents and slowly sucks in the delicacies. The knight continues with the cherry resting on her **** and performs the most magnificent twist, swirl and **** maneuver she has ever experienced. This finale sends her into the 90 second window, the point of no return, the peaks of ecstasy. The lady begins her pre-climatic response by arching her back, closing her eyes, gripping the bed sheets, swaying her head back and forth, and saying, "Oh ****, yes,'yes, that feels so gooood, please don't stop, I am about to cummmmmm" the lady suddenly grabs the knights erect and throbbing banana and stuffs it into her soaking wet ****. The knight moans as his **** is gripped expertly by the ladies warm and wet **** lips. The lady reaches for his **** and lightly tickles and fondled them in her soft hands. She then reaches for his **** and pulls him closer, forcing his **** to be buried to the hilt deep inside her ****, **** straining to follow. Her time has arrived as her eyes begin to roll back into her head and her back arches wildly. She sinks her fingers into the thick meat of his gorgeous ****, pulling him closer and deeper with each successive thrust. Her body trembles, withers and twitches as she hits a massive orgasmic climax. She moans into his ear and says,'"you are forgiven and honor has been restored, oh yesssssss!" Upon hearing this the knight reaches maximum overdrive and with one last deep and penetrating thrust hits orgasmic bliss releasing a massive load of **** juice into her golden honey pot. The lady and the knight collapse in each others arms breathless.

Still ****, after all it's been two years, the knight and the lady begin to further explore each others bodies and fantasies throughout the following months.

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