Romantic Interlude - Short Story
**** fantasies/Erotic writing

Wouldn't it be fun to do something wild and outrageous like going to the Big Island on a whim? I would pick you up in a limo, with champagne, flowers and strawberries. You are wearing a close fitting cocktail dress that ends a few inches above your knees revealing a hint of your strong thighs and long **** legs.

As I  hold open the door my eyes quickly drink in your beauty, eyes, hair, lips, face, neck and bust line. You slowly walk towards me like a model on the runway. You drink me in too and catch a whiff of cologne which quickens your pulse rate considerably. You are greatfull for my waiting hand because in one more step you would have fainted and fallen into my arms.  When you reach the door you pause and give me a flirtateous glance, your perfume and natural scent engulf me, your soft and well manicured hands caress my fingers as I lightly squeeze them. I want to grab you and pull you in close, gaze into you eyes and kiss your soft voluptuous lips, but I don't, barely maintaing control, hoping you can read my mind, I decide to wait knowing what lies ahead.

You bend over to step into the car and turn back and wink at me, catching me in the act of staring at your perfectly formed ****. My legs start to tremble as I go week at the knees, if it weren't for the door i would have dropped to all fours.

I am wearing a light jacket, shirt and tie, slacks and wing tips and I am wearing your facorite calogne. I offer you a glass of bubbly and strawberry and   we engage in conversation while starring deeply into each others eyes. our hearts beating wildly from the excitement and anticipation of what lies ahead. You sit down at an angle with your knees pointed at mine. Your legs are crossed at the ankles, thighs slightly parted,  alluring and mysterious.

I thank you for deciding to go with me and looking and smelling so scrumptious all at tbe last minute. You lean over, revealing a hint of cleavage, teasing me mercilessly, and whisper into my ear, "I was so blown away by your offer I forgot to put on panties and a bra, I sure hope it's warm where we are going". I smile and reply,"**** where we are going and for what I have planned you wont be needing them."

You lean back, oh those ****, and with a big smile on your face wink at me, and in a sensual knowing whisper say, "I know darling, I know." I reach for my collar and unbutton the top button with one hand and loosen my tie with a back and forth motion  with the other, and looking around, and say, "wow is it just me or is it hot in here all of a sudden?" You laugh, inching closer to me, and lightly caressing my inner thigh say, "****, were just getting started!"

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and the rest.....................

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