Romance 201

Do I actually "believe" in Romance? I am realistic in that human beings are imperfect at best and therefore come up short. It's "easier said then done" because people just don't fit into the box we try put them. Change is inevitable, some say the only constant is change itself. But, I do believe in aiming for the ideal, even if it's a moving target, because if we keep trying we will eventually hit the mark on occasion. You never know unless you try.

I know I'm an eternal optimist, always seeing the best and fluffing off the worst. So, do I believe it what I say? Yes and wholeheartedly! Do I get it right all the time? No! But the process of trying encourages me to keep trying because I know that what I believe will come to fruition with someone on the otherside of romance that is wholeheartedly trying too.

We all need to believe in romance because without it we don't exist! Romance keeps the heart, mind and soul alive, because it births hope into our existence and breaths life into our desires and dreams.

But here is the rub, we have to work at it! Simply put if we don't practice and nurture romance then it dies, and we see allot of **** all around us don't we. Living what we believe requires a deep faith, a faith that says I will not be moved no matter the storm that tries to uproot me. And we have gone through many storms haven't we and been shook to the core and yet here we stand! So, what shall we do with romance?

Dec 30, 10 6:13 PM


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