Romance 101

First, treating a women right in the bedroom starts by treating her right outside the bedroom. A man must make love to a womens mind and soul first before her body.
Respect, honor and safety must be explicitly made known to a women through words and actions. A women will never feel right in the bedroom if she doesn't feel respected, honored, adored, and safe in the warm embrace of her man.

Romance is another aspect that must not be overlooked. Outside the bedroom romance creates the initial spark that ignites a women's innermost desires. Romance lights the fuse and is the gateway to the soul. Outside the bedroom it is a must that a man listen to his lady, understand her heart, this is a gift she is giving to you and it must be handled with honor and respect. A man must be willing to share his life with his lady in that he must communicate his life to her so that she feels included and part of the relationship.

Connection of two souls through respectful and honorable communication and sharing is a manor prerequisite for entering the sanctuary of a womens bed chamber.

Fantasy is also birthed outside the bedroom through the sharing of hopes and dreams. Fantasy is a picture of the ideal with all it's trimmings. It stirs the mind and it's imagination machine which puts into motion the burning embers of passion that lie just below.

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