Is anyone in here genuine??
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Hello fellow Naughty Peeps,

This has been a horrid week. How nice it would be to have someone to tell me everything will be better, tomorrow. However, I've met two genuine people on here. Has anyone but me had this experience. You chat, you check out each other,think you have chemistry, only to find you are talking to some loser in Nigeria??? WTH is up with that? What is the point? Eventually, liars do get **** so why not just be who you are??


If anyone reads this, I went to a very interesting place here in Dallas over the weekend...I would love to tell someone, as none of my co-workers know..You may even want to go yourself. OH, and I am sickened unto **** of freaking Charlie Sheen....He can go now....



Mar 10, 11 4:27 AM


Just minutes prior I was prompted by one 'Eula' (not to be associated with 'End User License Agreement'), who attempted to entice me. The description of the female coincides perfectly with her selected avatar.

After having conducted research by measuring the legitimacy of the image via '**** Images', the search returned multiple sources from which the photograph originated. One of the detected sources links to a Tumblr account bearing the alias: 'LaurenLoveRobots', which was terminated one year prior.

Based on the extensive content submitted, "Lauren" is most definitely a Texas web camera model. Herein lies one substantiated instance of deception that is roaming BeNaughty. How this website has not been judicially prosecuted is far beyond my understanding.

12/28/13 12:20 PM

Indubitably, I could not concur anymore. BeNaughty is a derelict, deplorable spam headquarters, that does poses one ounce of credibility nor integrity. I myself am personally spectating, as the framework of this website continues to corrode.

I created a new topic just late last night, comprised of advice for any individual, who should be blinded to the blithering reality of this website. It has yet to be acknowledged, in lieu of the fact that the forums are desolate. Do not dismiss your inclination of terminating your commitment to BeNaughty, for there is nothing on this website that constitutes commitment, given the sly operations that its superiors nonchalantly carry out. Thank you.

Happy Holidays, and for your New Year as well.

12/28/13 11:47 AM

Ask her for a photo
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There are too many fakes, sms and **** girls that the real singles do not show up... The ones that do look legit are all looking for someone are way to high and mighty. starts with the web site owners and admins.
site seems to my just a bunch of $$$$ seeking ladys of the night be safe giving your infor. out DON't trust any of them. It's like we are being PIMPED. signed up 9hrs ago I'm done this is a $$$ machine for the lucky person
who started the web site owners and admins. Done

12/28/13 3:26 AM

Reply to jma6980

Yup...i'm in **** Angeles and this site is a **** for suckers. The world is full of them hahaha. If you're dumb enough to fall for this **** and **** then you deserve to get ripped off. All the suckers that **** pat yourselves on the back hahahahhhahahhaahhaahah

9/28/13 3:34 PM

Ask him for a photo
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this site is nothing more than a joke!!!!! they are getting rich by stealing our money it's as simple as that. I am from a very small town my county is the smallest in my state in my town everyone knows everyone. I get on here and with in minutes I see 15 or 20 good looking girls it says from my home town not a chance. this is not happing because of cammers this site is the ****, they regulate by i.p address so they say that is **** false they should be shut down. I am sure this post will not even make it on the blog. I said my piece now I'm done I'm posting this and closing my account assap, you you all have any since you will do the same.

8/5/13 3:21 PM

Hi CougarLady...

You are so right... I am having a hell of a time to try and meet real people on this site... I am sure that because there are too many fakes, sms and **** girls that the real singles do not show up... I tried sending real emails but it does not seem to go through... I have not a response yet...

Except for one nice 26 year old girl loocally which I chatted with, I would have thought this site was bogus... I guess I have to be patient...

Good Luck with it...

10/8/12 10:58 PM

Black holes with clingons Starting to look like what happened to my money

Before I joined this site I made my profile,photo etc etc etc it was a work in progress. So I checked every now and again. Wow I had about 20 **** Mails but you have to be a member to view them. So I became a member. I have replied to every one and not one has written back. Too much of a coincidence I think! Oh yeah does anybody know the incidence of **** old grandmothers being hit by buses

10/18/11 8:36 AM

So I think I have something to add to this thread. I joined up with the quality assurance assistance thing under the community tab. One of the qualifying activities is Reporting inappropriate membersat least 50 per month to qualify. I think you could do 50 a day on here from the sounds of it. Thereare a ton of vultures here, what I am thinking of as "**** & Cammer's." I am going to start reporting these people and see if they qualify as inappropriate. Hell I even saw one profile today that was an outright **** ad. If we all do this quality assurance task, maybe it will stop.

As a side idea, the points they give you could be used to give vip status to obviously real people and enlist their help.

Just my 2 cents,

6/17/11 4:24 AM

alfar2482, have you tried BeNaughty forum? There are gebuibe members on there who can give you a good piece of advice on how to be successful on BeNaughty.


5/27/11 8:12 AM

Reply to devboy1846
@Devboy1846 I get hit with the same sad story on an almost daily basis from a woman whom they claim parents have died and have been forced to move to west africa, ghana nigeria,etc. It was sort of amusing at first, but now I'm just ****. But these people ain't too bright; they never change their story and they always want to chat with you on **** or hotmail and not BN. I've bbeen getting good at spotting them and don't give them the time of day, besides their english generally sucks and that's the best indicator.

Can anyone tell me where the real women are on this site??? I hope the admins will read this. I am not planning on renewing my membership next month because its too hard to dicern the real women like Cougerlady from the **** and **** girls. I've lost faith in BN.

5/27/11 7:38 AM

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