A Lovely Story...

We met online, flirted, exchanged pictures, and finally planned to finally get together.  We've talked online and decided that we  really want to hook up.  At my request, you have prepared for a weekend encounter by packing a small set of necessities.  You've packed a few **** outfits, plus some **** ones, and are dressed for a nice **** when we arrive at our destination.  We committed to becoming lovers, but this is the first time we can meet and consummate our relationship.


You are wearing a **** black dress that stops several inches above your knees, with a backless halter top and a jacket.  When we go out, like me you prefer to wear nothing underneath.  You are waiting for me at the lobby, both of us secure in our desire and need - and friendship.  I know you're **** underneath and you know I am, too.   I pick you up, pausing to give you hug and a deep kiss hello. You respond instantly, confirming our chemistry.  As we make out, we feel each other up - respectable adults behaving like **** teenagers.  Our weekend bags are small because we know that clothes won't be needed unless we go out.  This time is about us, relating closely and intimately, and sharing our bodies and our juices with one another.


You hold me, opening your lips to receive my probing tongue, as I receive yours.  We hold each other close, feeling our bodies.  I tell you we must be off or be late, but that later I will finish what we started.  You say OK and give my crotch a playful squeeze.   

We proceed to the lodge I have reserved and check in, sharing **** glances and flirting all the way.  As we drive, you take off your jacket and allow your skirt to ride up, exposing your leg from toe to butt, encouraging me to let you play.  You prop your legs up, exposing your lovely shaved **** to the world, reveling in the feelings of **** freedom.  You tell me you can’t wait for our first ****.  At this I decide we need a nice break.  Spying an overlook with no cars, I pull off and park.  Ready for action, we spy a trail that leads down from the overlook lot, through shrubs and a few trees to a small clearing next to the rocky cliffs.  I take you by the hand and bring you to this private public space.  As we embrace, you deftly loosen my pants and expose my **** and ball sac – and instantly you are on your knees worshipping my glans and shaft.  As your head bobs up and down to the rhythm of your ****, I unhook your halter top.   In seconds we are stripped,  and you are at your finest - exposed to the entire valley, **** and free, about to enjoy shameless al fresco ****.  I come up behind you and cup your ****, nibbling your neck.  You reach back to grab my rising ****, then bend over, holding a tree trunk for support as I finger and tongue your **** and slit in preparation.  Your are wet and ready.  With one stroke I am lodged inside you, **** to the sounds of the wind and the highway.  After a bit I pull out and we move to a sun-warmed rock slab, where you face me, opening your arms and legs.  As I mount you,  you wrap your legs around me and pull me home.  Our rhythm is now urgent, and we are almost there.  We **** just as we hear a car pull into the lot above us.  After a quick scramble to put on our outer clothes, we walk back up to our car, smiling at the tourists who have stopped for photos.  Once in our car, we share a deep kiss as my **** slowly leaks out of you onto the seat.


At last we arrive at our destination.  I have us a detached room that is private and has its own balcony and ****.  You give me another hug and kiss, and I return them, feeling you up.  I suggest we eat and have dessert later.  Your eyes are full of the promise of our night, as I take your hand and lead you to the dining room.  We share a nice meal and good wine at a booth with a table covered with a full damask tablecloth.  You are seated closed to me.  As we talk, you decide to play with me under the table - no one can see due to the tablecloth.  Your hand comes to rest in my crotch, your fingers gently playing with me through my pants.  You smile knowingly as you knead my **** and ****.  My fingers slowly creep up your thigh and find your ****, still exposed and sticky with the results of our outdoor travel break.  I finger you gently as we talk, letting you **** my finger and taste yourself.  Finally, we are ready for dessert, and I suggest we have it in our room.  You don't object.


On the way we hold each other close, and I nibble your neck.  I suggest you don't need your jacket and you agree with a **** grin. When we reach our door there is no one to be seen, so we embrace and you plaster yourself to me as we tell each other how much we want them.  As I unlock our door, you fondle my **** through my pants and unzip me, pulling it out.  Laughing, I reach up and unclasp your halter behind your neck, allowing your wonderful **** to be displayed in all their **** glory.  We are in a place where know one knows us, and we are alone, enjoying the possibility of someone seeing us and becoming equally inspired to **** their lover.  You have lovely **** surrounded by pink and inviting areolae, bouncing gently as they jut from your chest.  I am mesmerized by your beauty, and you blush, holding onto my ****.  We ponder a quickie in the hall but push each other inside our room, with you stroking me as I fondle and kiss your ****.  Soon we will be **** and making slow, sweet love.


I pull you to me for another passionate kiss, and soon we cover each other's face and neck with our kisses and tongues.  You help me out of my shirt and unbuckle my pants, which fall away.  I slip my hands under your skirt, feeling your **** thighs as I lift your skirt, cupping my hands around your **** cheeks and squeezing them softly.  We step apart for a few seconds for me to remove my shoes and for you to remove your dress.  Then we head for the low pillows in front of the fire which the lodge staff have thoughtfully lit for us while we were at ****.  You sink to your knees to kiss my ****, then take it in your mouth.  I hold your head as you **** me, alternating your tongue between my **** and my ****.  But I do not want to **** for you just yet even though you would love to taste it and swallow it.  Time for that later.   Now it is your turn.


I lay you down on the pillows and begin at your toes, kissing and giving every inch of you a tongue bath.  You begin to squirm and moan, but I tell you to be relaxed and enjoy what I give you - you will have all of me soon enough.  As I reach your thighs, I part them gently to have access to your ****.  You are now ****, hot, and aroused.  Your bush is beautifully trimmed, nearly bare but leaving a tiny strip for me to admire.  I part your outer lips gently, massaging your **** and then sliding a finger, then two, inside you.  I soon replace my fingers with my lips and tongue.  As I eat you, your wetness grows and your womanly scent fills the air.  You are in heat!  I increase the pressure and speed of my tonguing and you begin to build toward release, moaning and telling me whether to go fast or slow, and where to touch.  You are almost there, and your thighs now grip my head and you are grasping my hair.  I do not stop, wanting you to **** for me so badly.  Suddenly you are there, shrieking for me not to stop.  You grip me tightly, bouncing away, as you allow yourself to ****.  My face is bathed in your juices.  After you rest a second, I begin to move up your body again, playing wuith your ****, your belly button, and your ****.  Your **** are now hard and your chest is flushed.


I take each breast into my mouth in turn, playing with your curves.  Then I reach your mouth, and kiss you, allowing you to taste your juices on my face.  I am now straddling your torso.  I give you my **** again, to **** and bring to readiness.  Now you are begging to be ****.  As a gentleman, how can I refuse my lady?  So I move down your body and part your knees.  Willingly, you spread your legs for me and bring your knees back.  I put each leg over my arms, spreading your **** wantonly and saucily.  For a few moments I stare into your beautiful face, teasing my **** along your slit.  You grab hold of it to put it in, arching your pelvis, and slowly I do.  First, the head parts your labia and pops into your ****.  I hold it there, then slide the rest of my length into you up to my ****.  I ask you to play with your ****.  Then we begin to slowly and lovingly make love.  You meet my rythm with your own movements.  Our mouths are plastered against one another's, our passionate tongues embracing.  Our shadows move before the fire in time with our thrusts.  I want you to **** with me.  I rotate my **** inside you to touch every spot, as you frig yourself faster and faster.  You are with me as my **** begin to tighten and my **** grows harder.  We **** together, as you scream in joy and I **** my semen into you, splashing your walls.   As I pull out, you grab my **** and **** it clean of both our mingled juices.


Together we cuddle in afterglow, whispering **** words and enjoying a post-lovemaking drink.  We perform gentle afterplay on each other.  After a while, we begin to feel the urge again.  I ask you what your preference is: to stay before the fire, try the **** on the balcony, or go to bed.  Each time will be different, each taste of your body terrific.  Now you prefer another public ****.  So we repair to the balcony, which overlooks the lodge pool and looks out on other rooms through the tree branches.  We know that someone will watch, and we want them to.  We would love it if they also **** so we could watch.  Our balcony railing is made of thin bars, so nothing is hidden. The **** is mounted in the floor.  Perfect.  You walk to the rail, unfastening your robe.  As you stand there, you let it fall from your shoulders  so the whole lodge can see your **** beauty and your arousal, your **** erect, your body flushed with a fresh-**** glow.  I drop my robe and come to you, holding you and massaging every part of you.  I ask you how you wish to be taken and where you want me to ****.   You smile and tell me you want to be taken up against the rail.  "Right here, " you say as you thrust your perfect round **** toward me.  “Are you sure?” I ask.  “Yes, my dearest.  My **** is sore with our love, and I want you to have all of me.  It is okay.  I want you so badly.”  So I tell you to hold the rail, and then left one of your legs, which you wrap around my waist.  Having reached for the lubrication, I prepare you until I know you are ready.  With no further ado, I place my **** at your anus it and thrust very gently until my **** pops inside.  Filled with me, you look ravishing in the moonlight, and my desire for you is overwhelming.  As we are locked togeher, pressed to the railing (on which I had thoughtfully draped your robe for padding), you bring up your other leg, holding me as I plow into you and take your most private orifice..  Our **** is passionate, glorious and free, like our spirits   


Later, we will relax in the ****.  We are committed lovers now, sharing everything and hiding nothing.  You will mount me and ride me.  You will **** me off as I sit on the edge of the ****, and I will eat your lovely ****.  We will drift to sleep in the early hours.  And we will wake each other with a nice good-morning ****, then breakfast and exploring the locality.  We have three days to totally enjoy each other…


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