First blog attempt!

I'm a single male and have lived alone in my current home for 18 years. Living alone allows me to indulge in my hobby of cross dressing when taken by the mood. IE, when ****! 

I don't know why the thought of dressing turns me on, it just does. Maybe it's the excitement of doing something totally different from my usual lifestyle. It's my private secret, taboo and fun. There's something about wrapping myself in such different clothing such as satin lingerie, tights or stockings, a **** dress etc etc. The more girly, the sexier and better it feels. Light **** also appeals to me. I guess it's the thought of being stuck whilst fully dressed and out of control that brings the buzz. If I'm out of control I can't control who knows about my secret!

Like most CD's, I'm straight and would love to have a sympathetic partner who'd be willing to join in. I've had some experience of dressing for other women, but it's generally been humouring me rather than fully in to it. 

Jan 10, 14 8:14 PM


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