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Female, 27

other places


shef: hi


Lou: there you are

my first here

for chat

it doesn't flash that you're on

you still with me?

where are you, Shef?

Are you here?

shef: im here

Lou: oh, I couldn't...


May 14, 13 9:54 PM | (2)


Couple (man and woman), 44

Profile is **** me off. lol

I am a 37 Year Old Female who is committed in a relationship. He is a 44 Year Old Male. I would love to see him **** a **** female till she crys. Of course after I **** the livin **** out of her ****. He would love to see me get **** (bigger better so he says- I say NOT TOO BIG) So If you are a **** sultry female or a **** fun couple we would love to meet for drinks and hopefully more ASAP!!  Message us


May 10, 13 11:37 AM | (2)


Male, 49


“FREE”I. SHE lived in a large, 4-story, “****-positive”, ‘multi-ethnic’ communal household, so typical of this quasi-gentrified hipster ghetto, with multiple roommates comprising a stereotypical cross-section of identity-politics-obsessed, more theoretically than...


Apr 27, 13 4:45 PM | (0)


Male, 46

what is your **** ??

what is your **** ??

what turns you on ??


the bare boosom ?? the bikini looks ??

the passions in the eyes ??

bare feet ??

high heels ??

toys ??


let your mind play

let us into those deep wet secrets 

Apr 12, 13 1:25 PM | (2)


Male, 30

The First

It has been a long day and the sun went down a long time ago. I feel tired and sluggish as I pull on the glass door to the gym knowing that I probably will not get the work out that I want. I walk over to the front desk and apathetically grab a towel which goes **** unnoticed to the sleeping guard behind the counter. He is sleeping and pretty much the only soul inside the gym so far as I can tell. My gym bag is awkwardly over my...


Apr 10, 13 10:56 AM | (0)

**** help me fulfill MY **** fantasy and my 15 mins of fame :)

Would you sweet guys be so kind as to help mDoes the thought of me riding your hard **** while my big **** rub against your chest excite u ...  my fantasy is to have 2  ( or more ) big hard **** massaging my stiff **** ( and pumping it on to them when you get excited ) while another guy screws me .... preferably on the beach ...  who knows i may even hold a rehearsal grinnnnnnnn  if you romance me and talk nice to me ....

I would appreciate it if all...


Apr 4, 13 9:57 PM | (1)

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Male, 50

First Impressions ( Fantasy looking to make a reality )

Our first Date starts like this:

We meet in a public parking lot.  I walk towards you and say nothing.  You came with friends just to be safe.  I walk right through them and pull you close and plant the hottest kiss on your lips you can remember experiencing.  I release you and dominatly introduce myself and say lets get out of here and go have some fun....


Mar 23, 13 9:40 AM | (0)

Iniciando aventuras

Depois de alguns contatos em sites como esse...**** bate-papo recebi alguns emails de uma morena deliciosa, casada **** cheia de fantasias... após alguns contatos pelo **** **** ter me contato algumas de suas fantasias, trocamos telefone **** logo nossos papos foram ficando cada vez mais quentes **** cheios de tesão, **** cada dia rolava mais vontade de nos encontrarmos.. **** depois de muito...


Mar 18, 13 2:25 AM | (1)


I don't know why, but I have this craving to have **** with a couple.I see a guy and a girl on a couch, her back against his chest and his **** slowing moving in and out of her wet ****. I begin to take my clothes off and get down on my hands and knees. I over to them and position myself in between their legs, and wait for the right moment, when his **** slips out of her ****. I lean over and take his **** into my mouth and slowly begin to **** his hard **** into my...


Mar 6, 13 11:37 PM | (1)


Female, 38

Call me **** ****

I have recenly heard various women express fear or anger of being called **** names like "****" "****" etc. by a partner during ****. I believe it is nothing to be angered about, it may have alot to do with the stage of the relationship or the situation. Women who may be **** or are looking for a future husband may still dream of wedding bells, picket fences, and happily ever after. They are more apt to be more "proper" in the bedroom as opposed to a woman in her 40s who has...


Feb 13, 13 1:41 PM | (0)

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