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Male, 58

Naughty Girls Get ****

Naughty Girls Get **** Part 1


Kneeling in the corner pressing your scented panties against the wall with your nose, you hear the sound of my footsteps approach and sense the warmth of my presence behind you. You shiver in anticipation. As I tap the hairbrush gently against my palm, a quiver surges up from your **** to your breast. On the dresser, the ticking of the timer stops and a...


Oct 29, 13 3:44 PM | (8)

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Male, 50

Meeting Violet

The first meeting was to be quite brief. They had chatted quite a bit online; he said he wanted to meet with her during the day, to give her something he thought she might enjoy.


They both took a few minutes off their busy schedules and arranged to meet in a somewhat secluded spot. His...


Sep 12, 13 7:38 PM | (3)

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Male, 48

Olávamos nos conhecer
Bo, primeiramente vou me apresentar sou mulato dote normal , 1,80 92 kg quero uma namorada liberal para que possamos navegar **** internet conhecer pessoas on line **** sermos amigos ...o resto conversamos depois sempre com repeito.


Sep 11, 13 9:46 PM | (0)


Male, 49

My MInd

You have been like this for god knows how long.....The gag stretching your jaw, filling your mouth.....The hood blocking out all light and sound.....Your hands pulled tightly upward to the beam in his ceiling....Your legs held apart by he bar between your ankles....

You fell a cool breeze against your skin and your **** harden he finally going to touch you ......your body yearns for the sweet release you know he can provide....

You groan in frustration as you...


Sep 11, 13 2:06 PM | (8)

Quer ser minha amante

Quero uma gata para irmos a moteis de POA as tardes,pois trabalho a noite ,  **** minha mulher trabalha durante o dia,por isso tenho tenpo de sobra para ti fazer feliz,tem que realmente estar a fim de ****,ja no primeiro encontro,pois nao tenho tenpo para apenas papinho,se nao quizer penetraçao no primeiro encontro,tudo bem,aceito ficar apenas ti chupando,mas tem que rolar motel de cara,apenas mulheres interessadas entrar em contato por favor...


Sep 9, 13 8:12 PM | (0)


Male, 20

I am looking for a girl or a women for ****

who r interested in having **** with me??

Aug 27, 13 3:56 AM | (0)


**** minha opinião a Internet é uma ferramenta que ajudou em muito a mulher se emancipar nas suas fantasias.

Enquato casada ou separada, mas sem parceiro, senti-se tolhida em expressar os seus desejos **** fantasias. Converso com muitas delas **** no início me surpreendia com o relato de mulheres 60tonas, 70tonas. Hoje acho normal **** entendo que é necessário colocar as fantasias ****...


Aug 10, 13 3:10 PM | (2)

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Male, 28

Welcome to the blog

New here. This website has great user interface. Really loved it.

I haven't yet decided if I am going to ****. I hope I don't find any scams here.

I will keep you updated of my experience here. May in  a week or so.

Jun 18, 13 1:42 AM | (0)


Female, 27

other places


shef: hi


Lou: there you are

my first here

for chat

it doesn't flash that you're on

you still with me?

where are you, Shef?

Are you here?

shef: im here

Lou: oh, I couldn't...


May 14, 13 9:54 PM | (2)


Couple (man and woman), 44

Profile is **** me off. lol

I am a 37 Year Old Female who is committed in a relationship. He is a 44 Year Old Male. I would love to see him **** a **** female till she crys. Of course after I **** the livin **** out of her ****. He would love to see me get **** (bigger better so he says- I say NOT TOO BIG) So If you are a **** sultry female or a **** fun couple we would love to meet for drinks and hopefully more ASAP!!  Message us


May 10, 13 11:37 AM | (2)

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