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Female, 47

I'm so **** tonight and no man is near tonight to use my body for his pleasure.

I want a **** so bad.  I crave a big hard one being smacked around my mouth.  Being grabbed by the back of my hair while a man pushes my face over his erect head and says "****, you **** ****".  I like being your fucktoy.  Use me.  I'm gong to have to jam some fingers around my **** tonight but wish I was serving you.  


Jun 27, 14 7:29 AM | (5)

Taking your time with HotMamma

is in progress! **** cumin soon **** 

Jun 26, 14 2:01 AM | (1)

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Female, 49

Uma bunda dessa merece uma vara!
Sou mineirinha da gema, gosto muito **** mineiros, mas sou louca pelos cariocas, além de sedutores, são sacanas **** deliciosos com aqueles ssss todos. **** minha primeira enrabada foi com um lindo menino do Rio. Adoro **** ****, se eu fosse homem seria bicha com certeza! Eu era uma ninfetinha, trabalhava em uma ótica, conheci um carinha lindo,...


Jun 25, 14 4:29 PM | (0)

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Female, 49

Você foi o primeiro mas com certeza não será o último!
Decidi começar a contar minhas experiências de quase 50 do início, literalmente. Sempre fui quente,  uma coleguinha da escola arranjou um livro ****ô, eu lia no banheiro de casa, ficava louquinha, não sabia o que era aquela bateção **** xoxota, mas sabia que era bom demais. Tinha que enfiar o dedinho **** me masturbar pra sossegar o facho. Comecei a namorar  **** fiquei de sarro em sarro a duras...


Jun 20, 14 8:39 PM | (2)


Male, 59


I adore most everything about women. The way they look, feel, smell, and taste. To me they are perfectly formed beings in the realm of pleasure. The soft skin as it reacts to a sensual touch. The look is sheer ecstasy, with their curves geometrically pleasing to a man. Their smell is enticing to want more. Their taste is a scrumptious treat to be savored slowly and intentionally. A perfect biological specimen that cannot wait to be pleased by her presense.

I am fascinated by almost...


Jun 2, 14 9:17 PM | (5)


Male, 35

Decided to 'be naughty!' Signed up today. Mission detailed below.
Mission Objective - Bullet point Highlighted Personal Requirements. Although not nessiserally essential to the overall enjoyment of the experience. - The optimal balanced level of true shared pleasure and mutual fulfilment could easily be achieved,obviously when certain desired turn-ons are...


Jun 1, 14 10:53 AM | (0)


Male, 58

Venus of my Dreams

Beautiful, sweet and exotic Venus

Already my heart beats with a strength

That confirms the pleasures of heaven

Visit their wonders upon a man unworthy

Of such gracious...


Jun 1, 14 8:45 AM | (0)

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Male, 84

Unexpected **** twist

We were having a drink downstairs when she leaned over me and whispered a naughty suggestion in my ear: "Come with me upstairs and experience the ultimate pleasure of ****". As I have bound women before but not been restrained myself, my heart jumped and I felt a response in my jeans. She felt it too and smiled seductively. She took me by the hand upstairs and I noticed she was well prepared. The straps were already attached to the bed and ready to bind my ankles...


May 13, 14 1:39 AM | (0)


Male, 51

My life and times

Im sitting here with my best friend and yes she is a friend with benefits, and we were discussing the fact that we are both very surprised at how people seem to **** their **** desires and settle for boring. Now let me be clear here. I can talk to her about anything and she is totally into what i am saying as am I when she speaks. She is the one who stood behind me when I told her what I was about and the reason that I am listing myself in here. I want to talk to you ladies out there...


May 2, 14 11:49 AM | (0)


Male, 25


looking for sum fun where r all the **** girls

Apr 25, 14 9:04 AM | (0)

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