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Female, 53

Physical intimacy

Haven't had one in a long while.  This a very traditional goodlife gal you're reading.  She's a one man woman only, no hanky panky here.  Goodlife gal is longing for physical intimacy with a hot young looking middle aged athletiic body dude. Touching, kissing and leading to make passionate love in the bedroom. Just image, you and me, two young looking middle aged people, both with a hard athletic body banging each other night after night like hot teenagers.  I'm...


Sep 3, 12 2:21 AM | (4)


Male, 28

Just because I can...

So here's the deal, I'm in this for kicks. Ladies feel free to message me as much as you like... though I can pretty much guarantee you can't steal me away from the girl I already have. Would you really want me if you could? Just some food for thought. Take care and may you live in interesting times.

Aug 17, 12 7:57 AM | (0)


Male, 21

hi im isaiah

hi im isaiah im 19 single loyal honest loving guy that want to be loved and a wife ive been single over a year eight months pretty long time and im trying to find my perfect match if yu think yu could meet that write me at 


if yu think anything of me write me im very unhappy and lonely a friend would even do 



Aug 15, 12 3:53 PM | (0)

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Female, 75


happiness is finding someone who knows all of you faults, idiosincrasies, your warts, your hang-ups, your fears and all of your quirks and still thinks that you are amazing

Aug 2, 12 5:27 PM | (0)


Male, 30

WHY IS It So Hrad

I dont get take every time you listen to a woman about what she wants and you do it she pull away from you or live you what is it ladies why do you say you want a man thats listen and respect you the first thing you do is one run all over him two make him feel like its all about you and not both of you three you kick him to the trash. and the next thing is that you get an **** hole that dont listen dont give a @#$%! about you but only your lady friend and you fall head over hills for that...


Jul 21, 12 6:12 PM | (0)


Male, 43

being sneaky and lieing to our partners

do we realy need to lie and sneek around our partners backs ? I'm finding out that you should always be open and honest because the truth is going to come out anyways.

Jul 5, 12 7:56 AM | (1)


Female, 21

what dose most guys look for in girls

i want to know what most guys look for in girls cause my luck sucks with guys and they wont tell me why

May 26, 12 7:29 PM | (3)


Male, 53


I have found out from this short time on here that everyone wants something.  I want something.  Alot of people don't know how to express that.  I'll start off.  I want to fall in love again.  **** is not the first thing on my mind, I'm the old fashion type.  I want a relationship, romance, to be with only one woman who I can grow with.  I found out the hard way that not only did I lack in communication, she did too.  I want to know what women really...


May 22, 12 9:34 PM | (0)


Female, 45

What the hell am I doing??

I just want to explain why I am here and what brought me here.  


I met a guy over 7 years ago on ****.  He was Brazilian.  We hit it off immediately and he introduced me to the "Lifestyle".  His lifestyle to be exact.  He loved **** and **** women.  He also loved to be submissive.  His deepest desire was to serve me in my home, worship me and do anything I wanted him to do.   If it involved pain, fine..chastity or ****...


May 16, 12 12:12 AM | (1)


Male, 24

When Love hates u..!

Everyone remembers their first taste of love and are sheepishly drunk with it. Those eyes you could look into forever and a voice you would want to hear till the end of time. But all of a...


May 10, 12 1:51 PM | (0)

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