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Male, 35


É garotas!! Estou precisando de carinho! **** de fazer tb!  >

Quem se habilita?

Apr 24, 13 7:41 PM | (1)


Male, 20


Olá, sou de SP, gostaria de conversar? 

Até mais

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Male, 28

About me

I am here for **** enjoyment, erotic chat etc... I am 27 years old but still I don't have any girlfriend....

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Apr 4, 13 6:29 AM | (0)


Male, 46

Perhaps impulsive

Last week I thought my marriage was over. The transformation of the last few days has opened a world of possibility that I am eager to explore.

This seems like a reasonable starting point.

Hi! - lets see where this goes...

Mar 7, 13 2:08 AM | (0)


Male, 31

A difícil arte em se apaixonar

Me é muito difícil admitir que sou um fiasco com as mulheres. Não pelo fato de ser grandão **** gordo... Nem mesmo por achar que sou inseguro. Acredito que a minha dificuldade é relacionada (culpa) as mulheres, que sismam em me deixar louco, sem nenhum tipo de compreensão ou carinho em momentos oportunos. Não tão impossível é, que acabei por amar apenas duas vezes, afinal, não está...


Mar 3, 13 5:23 AM | (0)


Female, 51

What I am Looking for .......


I want romance and passion in my relationship, sensualness, flirting. I want a friendship, a partnership, a closeness that is indescribable. I want to grow together, not apart. Been there done that, not fun. I want happiness. Not to say that the **** things need to be constant-just know they are there and acted upon frequently. Kissing-this is a deal breaker-I love to kiss, lots of kissing, cuddling. I want communication –is a vital part of any partnership, we are...


Feb 9, 13 7:36 PM | (1)


Male, 40

How I WANT to feel ..... written by me :-)

   you are the very first thing that comes to mind as i rise with the morning sun ... and its visions of you that fill my dreams when the longest day is done ... i would give the very heart from my chest just to see one of your smiles ... or to feel the touch of your hand in mine i would walk a million miles ... when your lips touch mine the emotions inside let me know how i feel is right ... and its thoughts of you that keep me warm on the coldest winter night ... i just couldnt...


Nov 11, 12 10:42 AM | (0)


Male, 25

girls on my way-1

i am just a normal looking guy but i can be so awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.i was walking on the road,it was raining.there was this girl looking  so ho and standing .i went to her and said i am yogesh.she was like so wat? i said why do u have fear for rain? she said no.i said rain doesnt hurt beautiful girl like you!may b it might hurt guy like me but myself dint care,y do u?she started laughing and we started to walk in rain.then came her home.her white dress was so nice and i mentioned...


Oct 31, 12 7:40 AM | (3)


Male, 30

Meeting someone

I'm a nice guy and I'm tired of going through life alone and want someone in it. However when I show an interest in women they don't bother responding for weeks on end. Why is that is there something in my profile they find repulsive (aside from the picture). I'd like to know why when I try talking to women who say on here that they are looking to settle down they don't respond to a simple hello when I see they are on and I open a chat box to them. Ht me up with your theories on why or if...


Oct 30, 12 8:42 PM | (0)

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Male, 33

To Love someone truly is to Give Love

Importanr points to remember if you love someone or if you want to get love of someone.

Life is strange and it brings surprises in our...


Sep 18, 12 8:49 AM | (0)

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