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Dites moi pourquoi on aime tous le cunni j'adore

Feb 19, 14 11:18 AM | (0)


Male, 58

la rencontre

Pas beaucoup de monde désire me rencontrer, je sais que je suis un peu spécial, c'est vraie que j'aime les jeunes, mais on ne ce refait pas, je sais aussi que beaucoup de femmes voudrais avoir un peu d'argent pour me rencontrer, car a plusieurs reprise le **** c'est présenter.

Le problème c'est que je n'ai pas les moyens...


Feb 19, 14 5:40 AM | (0)

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When getting into **** chat...

When getting into **** chat that involves cybering or ****, have the courtesy to give your **** partner your undevided attention please.  Some people think it is ok to leave your partner hanging on a quesion or wating for a reply.  When it gets intimate, please, be intimate and this involves commitment to the dialogue you are in at that moment.  Please and thank you.  

Feb 19, 14 3:30 AM | (0)


Male, 37

Just starting.

Well I've done it. I said I never would but here I am, trying to date online. Let's kick the tires and light the fires girls, cuz I'm **** ready!

Feb 18, 14 11:10 PM | (0)

**** description

During Swedish **** your body is lubricated with oil applied uniformly over your body and simultaneously massaged using various hand strokes. These movements warm up the muscle tissue, releasing tension and gradually breaking up muscle "knots" or adhered tissues, called adhesions. Swedish **** promotes relaxation, among other health benefits. There is Nudity Factor involved in Swedish **** and you are generally **** underneath a towel or sheet and only the part of the body...


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Female, 54

The walls have...eyes...

I slept down in the basement of my of my parents house when I was in my early twenties...They had a huge old house....They decided to have it painted one summer...They hired a painting company who had to scrape and prep the wood before it could be painted...There were young painters all around the house...scraping here and never knew where they were hot afternoon I was in my basement room listening to some music and enjoying the coolness of being out of the hot...


Feb 17, 14 12:03 PM | (3)

The **** Date




Where he came from I have no idea he merely popped up one night out of the blue saying "can we talk, I like your profile" in a mail. That was a couple of weeks or so ago...


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We are naturally emotional creatures, and tend to wear our hearts on our sleeves which is great in a loving relationship. However playmates or friends with benefits no matter how deeply you feel for them are not relationships in the normal sense of the word. They are a hobby, a pleasure or even a diversion from reality. By virtue of the name "playmate" it implies playing at a...


Feb 16, 14 11:53 PM | (0)

Dating Disaster

Dating disaster

After two months of chatting and finding out about one another we decided to meet up. Online he had been chatty and open, talking about his failed marriage and his hopes for the future. We shared a few interests but lived 200 miles apart. Out of the blue he suggested we meet halfway for a meal and drink.

Accordng to his profile he was medium build...


Feb 16, 14 11:49 PM | (0)

The awakening

The awakening

Snuggled down fast asleep under the duvet I began to hear a noise deep and muffled in the recess of my mind. Slowly the indistinct sounds began to get clearer and louder.As I rose to consciousness I realised it was the rather twee tune on the mobile phone that was buzzing in my head.

Still dazed I grabbed the fone and squinted at the...


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