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Absolutely F***ing Furious

Wow, I have always tried to promote BN as a fun place, where there is something for everyone. What seems to be missing is equality. I posted a thread in the forum asking about the kind of girl who would interject herself into someone elses relationship. And I got a variety of responses. Then someone complained it was a personal attack. I stated I knew both parties involved. So how it could be about someone I hadnt met(namely her) I dont know. Why she feels it is an attack on her is a...


Oct 23, 09 5:38 PM | (11)

**** and Fun

I am a married man looking for some hot fun, wife don't care for **** anymore. I in the otherhand need it everyday, I love to ****. Not looking for any strings. Just looking for another married women in the same situation or a single who also loves to get **** and have her **** eaten. I am large and Thick and I will make you **** 3 times before I do. Lets Chat!!!

Sep 17, 09 6:09 PM | (2)


Male, 23


would you like to taste my rat juice?

cuz you make me want let the posion loose,

and i want all your toxins too

so lets make chemical love like atoms do

feel it like the manhattan project when i explode on you

Sep 5, 09 6:54 AM | (0)


Female, 33

funny dancer


Aug 10, 09 1:15 PM | (5)


Male, 23

finally going to be able to use this site soon!

hey everyone, just thought i should say that i will be getting a membership to this site soon as possible so i will get back to your emails (that at the moment i cant answer or look at ) hope to talk to you soon!


Aug 5, 09 7:08 PM | (0)


Male, 38

a good ****

hello ladies in my area are you looking for a good **** then **** **** mail me back with a tme that you are free to to get a good long hard **** so if you think you can handle this **** for 2 hour or more hit me back

Jul 23, 09 9:30 AM | (0)


Male, 57

Ladies - What are your true intentions ?

I would really like to hear from some of you re what I'm about to write. I've send out about two dozen emails to various female ads in the last week or so. I recieved a couple replies and only two that I thought may go somewhere. Now not all the emails were asking or enquiring about possible ****. Some of my emails were strictly complimentary _ nothing more. If someone holds a door for me I say THANKS - if someone needs a hand or a couple bucks I say HERE. If I see a car I like or a really...


Jul 20, 09 10:47 PM | (1)


Male, 57

What I need from you right now !

I am just coming out of a long term relationship and noticed the world has really changed. The only time I saw so many beautiful semi- **** women in my day were in Playboy etc. I can melt just looking at a fully clothed girl/woman but now there's so much more. Now don't get me wrong - I love **** women with a passion ! Looking at all the really amazing women with the confidence to show us regular dudes the beauty of their **** - the amazing curves of their asses - close up **** shots...


Jul 20, 09 3:24 PM | (0)

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Male, 30

I need help

I need someone to help relieve some unwanted tension. Can anyone help???

Jul 14, 09 8:30 PM | (0)

Again and again and again......

Does anyone else go to those **** gatherings (even just around the **** table) where Dad, **** Martha, or OMG your spouse tells the same stories over and over and over again? You know where you are listening and for the 62nd time have to hear **** Joe say "I woulda shot that **** if only....yadda yadda yadda. your eyes roll back in your head because you know there is no way to derail this speeding train. Or worse, when you realise you have done it because as you start to tell what you...


Jul 13, 09 7:57 PM | (23)

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