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**** up ****

I was thinking of loading up a short shot of me playing with a ****. Are you interested to see how it looks?

Apr 15, 14 8:37 AM | (1)


Female, 20

Inte intresserad längre.

Hallå där ute.Tänkte skriva ett blogginlägg **** varför man blev medlem här från första början, så slipper ni frå**** **** det hela tiden.

Jag blev medlem på sidan för att finna folk (I MIN ÅLDER!) att prata med, så jag söker inget alls. Jag är inte intresserad av att bli uppraggad, ragga på andra, eller att ens träffa någon från denna sida. Vill BARA prata med...


Apr 10, 14 10:04 PM | (0)


Male, 56

Seeking a Miss

For mutual pleasure, knowing that I am hers to control, she will decide if and when I am allowed **** but I will please her body as she desires. I would like to be dressed prettily in lingerie to serve her and will accept punishment if deserved.


Perhaps someone would like an online only relationship? 


Apr 10, 14 1:58 PM | (0)

Confidence and judging people

There seems to be a sliding scale with over-confidence at one end and under-confidence at the other. Over-confidents judge you to compare, Under-confidents, judge you because they think you are judging them.It seems to me that it’s those in the middle of this sliding confidence scale, are happy to just get on with things, and not feel inhibited.Just my thoughts      


Apr 10, 14 12:30 AM | (0)


Male, 25


Have no idea how to use this site as a standard member, oh well.

Apr 8, 14 11:27 AM | (0)

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Male, 30

talk to girls

whats the best way to talk to a girl

Apr 8, 14 11:19 AM | (0)

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Male, 59

I love Women

I love their **** smiles  and beautiful eyes . The rest is very nice too. I just had to say that  


Apr 6, 14 4:28 PM | (1)


Male, 66

Hello Passion Angels ---

Fun and "Steamy Times" are Fine --- and Friendship adds a level of trust that enriches the fun and heat --- AND what I am really looking for --- bottom line ---no pun intended --- is a long term relatonship with a fun, steamy, woman who is educated for a profressison, nursing? teaching? fashion? finance? ---writing ---writing partners?

Whatever you offer and brng to the table it is...


Apr 5, 14 7:38 PM | (0)


Female, 19

My Summer working in magaluf

My **** had a friend who lived in magaluf and owned a bar there, so i got my **** to arrange for me to go over for a month working at his bar and staying in my own apartment he rented me.

It were great! Sleep on the beach all day, work at the bar at night which i just dossed about drinking free shots and dancing with tourists till close time and going to after party's everyday. I eventually pushed my luck with Jay (My uncles friend / employer) when he **** me on the beach one...


Apr 3, 14 9:52 AM | (1)


Male, 28

Hotel break part 2

As soon as we enter the individual changing rooms we start tearing each others clothes off, I turn you around and push you against the wall face first, tell you to lift your hands up before tiying them to the hook with your bikini top. After making you **** two of my fingers I rub their moisture on your ****, as I pinch them it sends a shock all the way down between your parted legs, which my hands follow. I place one hand over your **** and push my groin against your...


Mar 30, 14 11:33 PM | (0)

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