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****'s Day Home run!!!!

Yesterday was ****'s Day and for the first time in my girl's life she had someone other than me to shower with love and affection.

As a surprise she registered J and herself in a ****'s Day race. It was 2 miler.  We rushed out of here at 7:30 in the morning and managed tojust make the starting gun. They did well considering neither has been training at all.  J bought a raffle ticket. And there was free beer at 9AM.   There...


Jun 20, 11 3:14 PM | (1)

BN: Then and Now

I have been on BN for about 3 years now. I have been part of the forums and blogs for a good 2 and a half years. I have to admit some of the changes I have seen in BN have really affected my enjoyment level.

Once upon a time, the forums were filled with fun, laughter, and flirting. I learned all sorts of **** things (many I wished I hadnt) and a good time was usually had by all. Now the forums are sad. When everyone is on they are filled with trouble and...


Jun 17, 11 2:04 PM | (25)


Male, 48


**** on ****. Don't be shy. I love to here from you. I think **** are the gift from the GODS. I love everyone of you (At least in a friendly way). Friends forever. Love you all.


Jun 12, 11 10:26 AM | (0)

Not my best day
Today was a long and tough day for me. I had known some of what to expect but ...not all of it. I met with the surgeon again and am to go back under the knife. This time I will be out for a minimum of 12 weeks, and I will have about a year of rehab. I knew this was on the table but I didnt expect it to the best choice. However, it was pointed out that I can wait and the surgery will still be necessary only it will be more complex. They are so many positive things about it this time....


Jun 7, 11 3:28 AM | (8)

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Now whts going On

Today , I was thinking wht life is giving us. and wht we are giving back to life. Sometimes people says you have nothing in ur life.

Wht life is giving is other thing that we don't have any hold on it. Wht we can give is purely our action.

Just like in bed wht you are giving to your partner depends on you.

May 29, 11 3:25 PM | (0)


Male, 23

realtionships are a funny thing

hello there

everyone enjoying themselves

May 22, 11 2:07 PM | (0)

I am still laughing....

I posted a blog about what a great day I was having on BN. There was a meet getting ready to happen...people were excited!!! And there were some posts that made me laugh out loud. Add to that we have a bunch of newbies posting in the on BN doesnt get much better than this. 

 I happen to really enjoy BN. Thats why I stay. I am happily and newly married and being on BN doesnt affect that. I have never been on here for casual meets. And I am pretty sure...


May 19, 11 3:10 PM | (19)


Male, 34

When questions arise

Who out there has asked themselves... "What the **** is wrong with the world?". I have yet to meet some real authentic people in the sense that they just plain enjoy life because they've found happiness and are comfortable with themselves because they "do for themselves". Hey society, pull your heads out of your asses!

May 15, 11 10:27 PM | (0)

30 days!!!

It's offical I have been married for exactly one month. And I have to admit to some post wedding blues. I felt overwhelmed with all the planning and the very hectic run up to the big day. But I kind of miss the need to shop constantly and seeing my visions come to life. Maybe I  should become a wedding planner. I think in some ways it would be a lot of fun as you get all the benefits with none of the associated costs. Although it might be difficult to see someone else's vision....


May 14, 11 4:35 PM | (3)


Male, 24

Spatial Awareness

Space...some part of a dimension which has the potential to be occupied by a body. It can be 2D/3D. To most people, whether they agree or not, it means a lot more than just some physical compartment. The surprising fact however, is that not many people...


May 9, 11 4:09 AM | (0)

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